Rajoo (Naseeruddin Shah) is an honest, naive, villager with a heart of gold. When he comes to the big city, he comes across a beautiful young girl, Sunayana (Rameshwari), who almost gets runover by a car. He assists her to her feet, and she tells him that she is blind, lives in a small tenement with a neighbourly woman everyone calls Maushi (Leela Mishra), and sell flowers for a living. Rajoo takes it upon himself to make arrangements to ensure that Sunayana can see again. He meets with all kinds of people in this process, namely a wealthy suicidal drunk, Heeramohan (Pinchoo Kapoor); Circus owner (Mukri); Lion-tamer, Shamsher (Rajendra Nath); Prisoner Jaggoo (Jagdeep); Prisoner #204 (Viju Khote). He also meets with Dr. Indrajeet (Vijayendra Ghatge) and arranges to pay him a sum of Rs.2000/- for Sunayana's cure. Dr. Indrajeet lives with his mom (Sulochana), and sister, beautiful Sushma (Gayetri).

Rajoo (Naseeruddin Shah) is an honest, naive, villager with a heart of gold. When he comes to the big city, he comes across a beautiful young girl, Sunayana (Rameshwari), who almost gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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