Davin McDerby is a handsome, irresponsible slacker who arrives in Montauk Long Island for a summer of fun. He has no intention of working too hard and every intention of enjoying himself as much as possible while simultaneously escaping the pressing problems that await him back home in Ireland. Over a summer of car-jacking, pool-hopping, and tequila-drinking Davin and his new found friends discover that they have affected one another causing them to re-evaluate their lives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A group of Irish college students are about to leave for the United States, where they've landed summer jobs in Long Island. Working hard in the day and playing even harder at night, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen H (ru) wrote: 2015-05-29 implausible throughout, with very white teeth.

Cle S (au) wrote: This creature horror may not work if you've never seen a glacier or a mountain from a certain closeness, but if you live in the Alps and spend your vacations in the mountains, it turns out to be kind of terrifying. Although the climate change metaphor should not be taken too seriously.

Juliano K (jp) wrote: A marca de uma gerao e de todas, do Brasil!

Joe H (ag) wrote: Fascinating. Should be seen by anyone with an appreciation for low-brow cinema.

Robert S (de) wrote: this movie was really funny.

Varun B (au) wrote: Not my type of comedy...

Phillie E (jp) wrote: Minimalist take on the "Last Days" of Kurt Cobain's life. Kind of a yawner.

Samuel S (au) wrote: Arguably the best movie about genocide, and a meditation about the moral ambiguity of historical truth. If only Atom Egoyan had made a film about the military dictatorship in Chile...

Chris B (ca) wrote: This is the epitome of a 90's action movie. Great cheesy one liners with some great action set pieces. A very solid cast too go along. Also a very solid soundtrack.

Atteli09 (jp) wrote: Dustin Hoffman, Bruce Willis

Paul N (mx) wrote: Blimey! So cheesey... Couldn't they afford booms in those days so the dialogue didn't sound like it was taken from a microphone in the next room? The acting was also spectacularly shocking throughout - the only person that looked remotely human was the hotel manager - but despite all this, it was a proper shlocker in the 80s tradition.

Alice C (es) wrote: Good portrayal of how a schizophrenic person sees and feels. After I got over the dated picture and sound quality (of course), I found the characters in it interesting, and the portrayal of mental patients more realistic than what a lot of modern movies might lead you to think.

Jim C (au) wrote: Buddy joe hooker is the man.james"baja dude"claytor

Joel H (ag) wrote: Legends of the Fall takes forever to get where it's going, and when it finally gets there, it makes you question whether it was worth the wait. The scenery is beautiful and the acting is well done, but the story is bloated and bland. This film isn't the romantic epic it thinks it is.

Reg S (fr) wrote: the trailer looked quite funny but the movie was quite poor.

Jacob M (nl) wrote: The Bat-family is put in the forefront on the hunt to find their patriarch. This movie is fun, but not great. The battle for power between the characters is a bit tedious to get through. However the fight scenes and dialogue is good enough to push the audience through the power struggle amongst the characters.