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David L (us) wrote: With quite good character development, engaging story and incredibly good, warm and heartwarming ending, Tangerines is a pretty solid film that, although is very simplistic, sometimes rushed and has a very typical story, is always interesting to watch, has a good message, nice relationships between the characters, fantastic performances and very good directing leading to quite a solid film and a respectable anti-war movie.

John T (kr) wrote: Based on an Image Comic, a girl with split personalities in a mental home learns the secrets of who she is. (Well done).

Bob S (ag) wrote: A dark, violent dystopian story with ZERO entertainment value.

Billie T (jp) wrote: Not many parts made me laugh Cant believe i made it through. Not my type of flick

Amanda H (us) wrote: Tony Shaloub irritates me to no end, so I probably should have known better than to try to watch this movie. I sat through 40 minutes of it, realized I just did not care what was happening, and shut it off. Besides the fact that I can't stand him, the movie as a whole is very boring and never really seems to go anywhere. Don't bother.

Isaiah H (ru) wrote: Funny, smart and excellent

Michael T (mx) wrote: A whimsical delight, with an impressive performance from Kervel.

Rafael F (gb) wrote: Captain Picard is not gay. He's British.

Adam S (mx) wrote: A solid, but mainly formulaic thriller film, "Conspiracy Theory" is lifted heavily by the paranoid performance of Mel Gibson in the lead role.Featuring multiple twists and turns, some of them making entirely no sense, "Conspiracy Theory" also features Julia Roberts phoning it in, and a solid villianous performance by Sir Patrick Stewart. The film occasionally becomes a bit too treacly, but overall it's a decent enough watch, although not quite engaging.

Bruno R (br) wrote: utterly enthralling, intriguing and beautifully-shot film, with characters and ideas that lingered in my mind

chris t (it) wrote: "There goes Stuart Sutcliffe. He coulda been in The Beatles."

Darren P (mx) wrote: An engrossing story.

Adam R (ru) wrote: Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor aren't as funny together as you would think. From their movies I've seen I've never really thought that they worked well as a comedy team. Stir Crazy is just another run-of-the-mill movie. (First and only viewing - 7/22/2015)

VJ B (mx) wrote: "Just because we had you fitted for a diaphragm doesn't make you a woman!"... soundtrack suspiciously free of Runaways songs

James P (us) wrote: Classic. Great soundtracks.

Robert M (fr) wrote: This is one of those movies that is so silly and absurd that you miss literally dozens of jokes the first time around, which leads to repeated viewing, which leads to greater appreciation. An extremely funny movie that it is beyond the limited space allotted to describe. The running joke about the names of all the countrymen never gets old.

MF J (ru) wrote: The third opus of the hilarious horror trilogy, Army Of Darkness is a hell of a ride! Funny, witty and filled with classic lines, this final installment goes beyond anything imaginable and turns out to be a great conclusion to the saga of Ash Vs. Evil. Of course the freshness of the original or even the creativity of the second are not as sharp here but the plot unfolds quite nicely and the situations flows. It's totally relax but it's entertaining, fun, well shot and definitely a heck of a trip! CULT!

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Funniest teen comedy to date, It wasn't afraid to try new things and they paid off, It's American Pies older brother and it gives comedy films the push it needed.