Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd.

A hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunset Blvd. torrent reviews

Tracy F (es) wrote: Definitely not as good as first. Left you going Huh?

Will S (kr) wrote: Popculture references and beautiful animation abound.A

Keenan S (gb) wrote: The Hidden is an ass-kicking sci-fi horror film with plenty of action and humor to go around. The Hidden is definitely one of the more inventive and creative films I've come across in awhile and it also successfully manages to blend multiple genres effortlessly. The action is thrilling and intense, the acting is great, the premise is interesting, the special effects are awesome, and it was never boring. It's no wonder this film has developed such a strong cult following over the years because it is a blast to watch.

Robert I (it) wrote: Makes you wish the Kids made more movies.

Farron K (it) wrote: 4/5 Stars. Kind of the tamer, more socially-critical version of Wolf of Wall Street. Made in 1987, Wall Street is the story of a young man played by Charlie Sheen who is trying to make his way up in the world of stock-brokering when he finally gets his chance to meet the legend himself, Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas. Sheen gives Gekko a tip he got about a company via his father and the rest goes from there. Sheen is awarded with all the fancy crap money can buy, and learns how to be unscrupulous from his mentor, whom Douglas plays almost as expertly as DiCaprio played Jordan Belfort (Douglas has more of a reserved elderly rage, compared to DiCaprio's manic viciousness). Eventually, things go beyond Sheen's control and it starts to blow up in his face, but I'll leave spoilers out of this. Sheen is perfect as the young up-and-comer, and again, Douglas is just superb at his role as the heartless Wall Street psychopath. Daryl Hannah also shows up as the love interest, but she's completely overshadowed by the bromance onscreen; Martin Sheen performs well as Charlie Sheen's father. Overall, a nice addition to set alongside Wolf and American Psycho in their depictions of the excess that has led to our current day and age.

Simon D (it) wrote: a bit of a rip off of MASH, and surely ripped off by Police Academy. This is alright, I guess it helped launch the careers of some very important actors so can't be all that bad, but it just wasn't that funny.

Kevin M (jp) wrote: While Hector Babenco's "Pixote" is overpowering, groundbreaking cinema that is at times impossible to watch, the film suffers from a distinct lack of focus and perhaps a bit of overambition. Documenting the lives of abandoned Brazilian slum kids in a neorealist fashion, we open with the titular character, 10-year-old Pixote (Portugese slang for "peewee"), being tossed in a brutal reform school with other underage social rejects. Whoresons, transvestites, sociopaths, rapists. There is a stunning amount of male nudity and several sequences that could not even be concievably shot in the U.S., as the warden orchestrates murders and then blames other "students" for his own negligence. The only thing the kids learn is how to bribe bigger kids for protection, and the necessities of subservience (and the luxury of the occasional Thai Stick). In the yard, they play-act future heists and fantasize about revenge and owning firearms. As our main character huffs glue while cleaning out a very realistic looking toilet and has a portentous hallucination, the film might perhaps be playing too conventionally. There's the expected riot and police inquiry, and the ultimate escape of a handful of kids, including young Pixote, is so easy one wonders why they never did it earlier. Pacing is the key problem here. Babenco also wants to show us the hustle and bustle of street life, and it is here, in the second half, when "Pixote" truly begins to show life. Even the color palette opens up from the dreary neutral pastels to the bright aqua of the ocean, and the garishness of neon and streetlights. Banding together with a couple older kids and a 17-year-old transvestite, the kids form a demented "family" of sorts, moving up from purse snatching (depicted so honestly it's debatable whether the thefts were genuine or just brilliantly staged) to cocaine dealing (which only results in heartbreak and a savage knifing) to becoming pimps. Their aging, drunken hooker becomes a parody of the maternal figure, but their desperation results in her finally becoming accepted for who she is. Pixote remains an observer rather than a participant in her sexual life, and his relationship with the transvestite results in some truly heartbreaking scenes. All the kids are nonactors, mostly illiterate, and their performances have such a ring of truth to them that none were able to find work afterwards, least of all young Pixote. The ending is both inevitable and eerily clairvoyant in that the kid playing Pixote ended up a criminal, who was gunned down by cops before his 18th birthday. Makes a great double bill with "City of God" if you can stomach it, but most likely the only thing you'll be craving after the final fade to black is a cigarette.

David F (jp) wrote: This is a little bit grittier version of the kind of teen 1980s movies John Hughes used to make. It's also about Los Angeles and presented from the perspective of girls so their problems with their parents, peers, and boys are presented from the distaff point of view, making 'Foxes' somewhat unique. There's also some great quotes, like this one from a mother addressing her daughter: "Maybe the whole bunch of you is sick. You booze you dope you sleep with whoever. I don't even know who you are. You look like kids but you don't act like em. You're short 40 year olds and you're tough ones." And this one: "Just because they fit you for a diaphragm doesn't make you a woman."

Keith K (fr) wrote: like this film cos its in hawaii my fav place in the world

Keenan S (jp) wrote: Bette Davis regarded this as her favorite film role, and it is easily among her all-time best films. Bette Davis could carry the entire film by herself, but her fellow cast members are no slackers either, with each one of them churning out sublime performances. This film is also a very emotional film, especially the end which Bette Davis plays beautifully. Dark Victory is a superb drama and needs to be seen by any fan of Bette Davis.

Jason S (es) wrote: Inconsistent dialogue and characters you want to punch in the face make this timely film hard to care about.

Camille L (ag) wrote: Aprs une premire partie plutt drle, sympathique et chaleureuse, Rock Star tombe dans les clichs les plus ennuyeux dans son deuxime acte, bien plus dramatique et donc attendu. C'est dommage, car Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston et Timothy Olyphant sont excellents et la bande-son remarquable. Le dfaut vient plutt du scnario de John Stockwell et de la mise en scne faiblarde de Stephen Herek. Dommage.