Sunset Heat

Sunset Heat

A former drug-dealer photojournalist (Michael Paré) returns to Los Angeles and helps friends terrorized by his ex-partner (Dennis Hopper).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   beach,   automobile,  

Eric is a photographer who lives back East. He is invited by his friend Danny to visit him in California. Before meeting Eric, Danny steals a million dollars from Carl, a drug dealer, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (nl) wrote: Beautifully shot and presented in a desaturated, cool and grizzly tone. The cinematography and music are the stars of this film because there just isn't much going on with the story. Sam Rockwell does his best with what minimal writing he's given, but it just isn't enough to add up to much in the end.

Steven L (br) wrote: You find yourself asking "why?" and "is this it?", and then suddenly it all makes sense. Nothing is concrete, but everything is there to help you experience a day with a troubled teen in what seems to be a desolate landscape. It is a gem of a film, yes, and it is more nuanced then it initially seems.

Dre M (ag) wrote: I loved this!! It was so funny and twisted!

April L (es) wrote: Very interesting! liked it alot

Tamara T (ag) wrote: Love this movie music is great and the characters all were so interesting

Harry W (mx) wrote: Only a Nicolas Cage film could be a comedy that is unintentionally funny. It's mainly his over the top acting and script delivery that provides the main laughs to the viewer, if any. They may also get a kick out of the general sense that Jon Lovitz has no idea what's going on in production.There is no laughs to be had however at the strange character provided by Dana Carvey. When Nicolas Cage states "is he retarted?" That's what the whole audience is thinking.But Trapped in Paradise failed even to provide a sufficient amount of unintentional laughs. Trapped in Paradise eventually just becomes a formulaic crime film countered with unfunny Christmas comedy, and just ends as a tedious waste of time for the cast and for the viewer. Trapped in Paradise is not a Christmas film to check out, nor a general film worth checking out.

Paul D (jp) wrote: While some parts of Eddie's routine would be considered extremely offensive by today's outrage culture, it is hard to ignore that there is still a lot of genuine moments of hilarity to be found in this.

vieras e (de) wrote: *SPOILERY*Being the UFO nut that I am, I thought it was really cute how they began the film with such a classic male abduction encounter reminiscient of, for example, the Antonio Villas Boas case. I was also quite happy to see that they used "real" UFO photography instead of faking their own pictures. The Grey make-up would have been fantastic had they only managed to balance the extra mass on the actors' heads evenly. Now a couple of them were a bit lopsided, which looked a bit silly. Not nearly as silly as everything else, though. Ok, to be honest, the winged serpent logo was ~awesome~, but oh dear lord, the headgear! I was constantly reminded of the Wicked Queen in SnowWhite, except that Rameses' people had mistakingly placed their crowns underneath the black spandex hood. *tisk tisk* I can totally understand why Christopher Lee doesn't want to talk about his participation in this film.

Kenie S (kr) wrote: Fictional account about what happened to "the one that got away". Anyone interested in the New Testament should see Barabbas.

Zoran S (us) wrote: A very complex and stylized film. The script is great and provides the characters with great philosophical depth. The direction, too, is marvelous.

Kensuke M (it) wrote: Great great masterpiece!

Richard D (de) wrote: The racing scenes are just spectacular. Unfortunately they're embedded in a 3 hour melodrama that's less than stellar. The film's worth watching, especially on the really spectacular Blu-Ray, but it's a tough slog at times.

Nicholas D (ru) wrote: This is a hipster nightmare and I now hate myself for watching this movie