Sunshine for the Poor

Sunshine for the Poor

On a hot Sunday morning, Nathalie Sanchez, an unemployed hair stylist, walks across the Causses plateau in search of a shepherd. When she finds one, he tells her that he has lost his flock. They walk together and while chatting they meet several times a shepherd's son turned outlaw, Carol Izba. The latter, despite being pursued by a famous bounty killer, Pool, proves unable to leave the region...

On a hot Sunday morning, Nathalie Sanchez, an unemployed hair stylist, walks across the Causses plateau in search of a shepherd. When she finds one, he tells her that he has lost his flock.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex R (kr) wrote: Good movie based on a true story!

Dan R (nl) wrote: What the series finale should have been.

Jay B (gb) wrote: A decent representation of the tale we all know. If you need a new reason to think religion is retarded.. here it is. The run time is the most grueling part... @ 191 mins, it will certainly blow ur evening.

MF J (es) wrote: Disappointing but not entirely awful this first episode of the adventures of Lara Croft benefis from the charisma of Angelina Jolie to make everything appear more fun and likeable. This won't be remembered in a decade but right now it's fun enough.

Gabita G (fr) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

Andy W (ca) wrote: Strangely unengaging biopic which should be better than it is. It's a by the numbers expose tale which holds no surprises, much like the song it uses by radiohead. Nice to see joe mangle from neighbours in it, though.

Harry W (kr) wrote: Being the only film directed by John Carpenter to score an Academy award nomination, Starman was completely unmissable for me.Starman immediately establishes what it intends to be. After revealing its quality visual effects to audiences, it immediately zeroes in on the face of protagonist Jenny Hayden as she stares woefully at old video footage of her with a man who mines the words "I love you" to her. This immediately suggests that Jenny was once married to this man and he has passed away. This reveals both the science fiction elements of the story and the character drama without having to do too much in terms of dialogue. The dialogue doesn't actually enter the film for an extensive period, and by then a lot of the background of the story has been established, and as the dialogue occurs more and more, audiences get a greater grasp of who the characters are and what they are feeling. The story in Starman is simple while its characters are complex, and instead of spending all its time establishing the background of things, Starman reveals everything visually with a certain subtlety to it. The intro scene is emotionally poetic and gives us an easy sympathy for the characters, and that continues throughout the rest of the film because although its premise can only go so far, Starman was a surprisingly sweet and very deep film with unprecedented heart to it.Despite the limitations of what could be done with visual effects at the time, John Carpenter manages to prove to be able to make due with what he knows. He implements in some excellent visual effects, but he doesn't allow the film to take a back seat to its visual elements since he keeps the focus on the dramatic aspects of the story, it is one of his deepest films. Although its drama isn't perfect and is rather slow without going too many places, it also allows the film to be very gentle. The slow pace of the film may throw off some viewers, but those who can appreciate the character focused aspect of the story and the way that it allows things to develop naturally on their own will hopefully enjoy Starman. I really appreciated it, because it meant that the importance of the film rested more on the characters and the script than on the visual elements that could be provided.Starman has a premise which is reminiscent of many road movies that have been seen many times before, but the fact is that it is written with such heart and handled with such great passion by John Carpenter. I mean, Starman is a nice small scale science fiction film with elements of being a road movie, romantic themes and political subtext as well which means that it is more complex than it appears on the surface. It even has some moments of good humour to it which makes it a lighthearted venture and prevents it from falling into sappy melodrama. Starman is frankly one of the most compelling films that John Carpenter has made. It isn't all that exciting or scary, but rather it is a film which the audience can really feel for. The characters in Starman are great, and the way they develop over the course of the film is one of the central reasons to actually be watching it. Starman is a film that is similar to ET: The Extra Terrestrial in many ways, and though it doesn't measure up to the same quality, it is still a touching and vastly entertaining film.Starman gains its main level of success for being such a sweet film which John Carpenter gave perfect handling to, and visually it is terrific as well. The visual effects for the film are terrific while only used in moderation so that the film is not excessively reliant on them as a primary source of entertainment. The scenery in the film is also very nice and is captured with smooth cinematography, then being edited well. And the entire film plays out against the backdrop of a masterfully crafted musical score thanks to Jack Nitzche who is able to craft a memorable theme for the film which has a high pitch and light mood to it. It remains subtle, yet effective, and it makes things in the film just feel really lovely and mood setting. The musical score in Starman is also used well in moderation and frankly is just the icing on the cake. The musical score in Starman is just magical, one of the most beautiful I have ever heard for any science fiction film in my life.But the thing which makes Starman such a consistently compelling and touching story is the dedication of the film's cast, in particular its two lead actors.Jeff Bridges' performance in Starman is just top shape. The fact is that he never steps out of character, and although his role of one adapting to his human body in a generally comedic fasion, Jeff Bridges manages to transcend that fact that it could easily have ended up being a thin character and instead gives a performance which makes him a deep and complex being. Delivering certain lines with a level of comedic value, Jeff Bridges keeps the laughs in Starman fairly consistent with his dedicated effort, and he makes the titular Starman such a great character. He never transcends the fact that his character is an alien adapting to a human body because he constantly has the shaky physical movements of one with a stare which seems lifeless and confused as well as a line delivery which is absolutely perfect. Jeff Bridges puts indescribable perfection into his performance in Starman because he makes the character so sympathetic, lovable and hilarious without degrading the dramatic nature of the story one little bit. Jeff Bridges' acting talent in Starman is just amazing, and the fact that he got nominated for an Academy Award is great because it was seriously deserving of one and presented a step forward for the recognition of science fiction films.And Karen Allen is just wonderful in Starman. In the best performance of her career, Karen Allen gives a performance which is worth crying for. The role of Jenny Hayden is one full of emotions, predominantly sadness and confusion. And the whole time, she has no difficulities putting a ripe level of melancholia into the role. Karen Allen is a very sweet presence in Starman because it is so easy to sympathise for her, and she always has a sense of loneliness to her. Regardless of if characters agree with all of her actions in the film, it is always easy to understand why she is doing it and sympathise with her for doing it. Karen Allen's performance does not demand too much from her, and her natural charm makes the role such a great one. Karen Allen's sweet persona as Jenny Hayden and perfect chemistry with Jeff Bridges made Starman an even more touching film than I could have thought, and her leading performance is just unforgettable. It is one of those performances which makes he ask "what happened to her?". I just hope that people can still look back at her and see what I did in her performance.So although it is a rather slow and simple film, Starman is an exceptionally touching effort from director John Carpenter which has great visuals, an amazing musical score and a perfect duo of lead actors which makes it a very compelling and sympathetic experience, and one of my all time favourite romantic films.

Amy (br) wrote: I had to watch this. The info button claimed it had "redneck crime".

Renee S (gb) wrote: Meaningful historical context of the immigration of Jewish people out of Eastern Europe at the height of immigration in the late 19th century set to some great music. The performance of Topol practically makes the movie by itself.

Sebastian O (kr) wrote: An extremely shocking picture, Rashomon is a film that really makes you think, as well as showcase Akira Kurosawa's excellent direction.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Steve D (it) wrote: It was an entertaining, enjoyed the action. It was predictable, but what movie isn't anymore.

Deanna B (jp) wrote: Better than I thought but I'm just glad I didn't spend any money to see it.