Kostis is a 40-year-old doctor that finds himself in the small island of Antiparos, in order to take over the local clinic. His whole life and routine will turn upside down when he meets an international group of young and beautiful tourists and he falls in love with Anna, a 19-year-old goddess.

For middle-aged Kostis, life has passed him by. But then Kostis becomes obsessed with a young tourist when she lets him tag along with her friends. The movie celebrates the beauty and strength of the youthful body, while simultaneously embracing its inevitable decay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandra R (es) wrote: An funny, poignant take on modern love and how both sexes are getting it wrong.

Bryan P (ru) wrote: A local mortician keeps himself to himself. Bit little do they know when four high school kids think they see ghosts in his house and go for a closer look. When they get inside they to not see a ghost but something more revealing and they wished they had never gone anywhere near the house. After that moment a quiet mortician shows his real character and they try to prove he is guilty

Becky k (au) wrote: Not funny comedy if that sounds good to you, you'll like this movie

Liam O (au) wrote: Are We Done Yet? Let's hope so.

Matthew L (ca) wrote: My God I really wanna see this! This looks Awesome!...If this is as good as it looks....I will be in Ape on women heaven

Maple C (fr) wrote: Fast-paced while overly disgusting

bill s (de) wrote: Straight to the trash heap for this stinker.

Samuel B (us) wrote: Was actually surprisingly high budget, though still a 90's/80s feel to it. 2 brothers fight for their lives in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles to gain power over a magical pendant called the double dragon and to keep it from falling into the hands of a powerful crime lord. Check it out, its a little cheese, but worth it in the end.

James S (es) wrote: Very good classic guy movie. intense action and story.

Stephenie D (ag) wrote: This was a charming movie and the end brought tears to my eyes (like usual for drama's). It was a little slow at parts and I think the ending could have used a little more...something, but it was a nice chick-flick and just what I needed on that particiular evening :)

Lorraine L (gb) wrote: This is a good one folks !

Dawn S (de) wrote: pure crap. Tarantino is so full of himself. Trying to be all edgy and cool. This movie just tries too hard to be cool, and its crap thats been done over and over again.

Walter M (kr) wrote: Antoine(Roger Pigaut) works for a printer, where aside from making his quota, so he can enjoy the weekend, he also tries to help his co-workers when possible. He also brings home surplus books that his boss gives him. His wife Antoinette(Claire Maffei), a department store clerk, shares them with her friends and co-workers. Together, they dream of owning a motorcycle and sidecar, but apparently no kids, while barely making ends meet.While it might seem odd at first that Jacques Becker who is mostly remembered for crackerjack crime movies also made a comedy, "Antoine et Antoinette" also proved that he had a sure hand with this genre, too, especially with the great chemistry between the two leads. Ironically, he also made it in the style of his crime movies, with plenty of suspense, which would not work for everyone.(Especially Hitchcock whose sense of humor was too morbid for such a sensitive undertaking.) That's even with no crime in the story, outside of lots of sexual harassment which is thankfully never winked at. While the movie is also very carefully plotted, it is also at times a little far-fetched. Near the climax, one of the characters even points out the coincidence but it's not a huge one if one thinks about it.

Private U (es) wrote: One of the more solid inclusions in Warner's "Tough Guys" boxed set has Edward G. Robinson playing a tough cop who loses his job due to corruption from the higher-ups. He gets into the rackets, resulting in everything you'd expect in a post-code gangster film. Robinson gets to punch out more people than he has in any other film. Bogart has a great part as "Bugs" Fenner, playing the scruffy gangster typical of his mid-30's roles

Davi C (gb) wrote: it is a bad movie and doesnt have good scenes

KJ P (gb) wrote: It may take a while to win you over, due to it's odd tonal shifts and it may be a little predictable, but every sports film has their predictability aspect to them, and I believe that "Varsity Blues" takes advantage of that in the right way. After the quarterback (Paul Walker) is injured, the second string must take over for the rest of the season to lead the team to victory. Sure it's an old tale in the world of sports, but when you have a likeable cast of characters, a fun script, and a soundtrack that will make you smile, there is not too much to complain about. What the film does lack is originality and the cheesy score did not help either, but hey that's the 90's for you. Make of this film what you will, because it will be deemed fun for some and bad for others. On my end of the spectrum, I had a blast watching it, there are some odd filmmaking techniques used, but it all comes down to the overall experience. "Varsity Blues" is a solid football film.