Suomisen Olli rakastuu

Suomisen Olli rakastuu


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Arthur P (kr) wrote: Being 12 is an exploratory experience, so multivarious of new and strange experiences, especially traveling to far-distant locations with all kinds of manmade inventions that are either materialisms or culturalisms like Japan's ancient and modern culture, even though I would like to see more of Japan in the film like visiting the zoo and museum to broaden the boy's once-only life experience of tourism::

Austin R (ag) wrote: The extended edition of An Unexpected is nothing short of superior to the theatrical cut. The added 13 minutes add more backstory and character dialogue that contribute strongly to the overall story Unless you can't stand sitting down for three hours straight or don't care for more Middle Earth lore, this is the right way to see this film. Yes the CGI doesn't live up to the real costumes used for orcs and goblins in Lord of the Rings but otherwise this is a commendable beginning of a promising trilogy.

Maya A (br) wrote: Few really good scenes. It' s definitely my kind of topic

Joe B (gb) wrote: perfect ending to a perfect film that predicated the future of not only television, but all media and its technology.

Clayton H (es) wrote: this movie was amazing. I was amazed that a movie could be so bad. and still be made and sold. so bad in fact it makes me think I could become a director and make a better movie than this horse shit

KwonRyoon L (it) wrote: This movie was some type of reward. I've got no interest in watching it.

Becky B (jp) wrote: I think this used to play on TV a lot. I'm not positive if I saw it. But there was one grizzly movie I saw a couple of times that was a kiddie movie. So I think it's this one

Shane J (us) wrote: one of the worst films I've ever seen its not even so bad it's funny. the special effects really are terrible it's like the made them on a commodore Amiga. the only shining light is Warwick Davis of course but even he can't make this watchable

Scott R (br) wrote: A missed opportunity to make a good film.

Tom D (fr) wrote: one of the better animated. like the artwork and the dark atmosphere created around the above-the-average story.