Suomisen Ollin tempaus

Suomisen Ollin tempaus


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1942
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Suomisen Ollin tempaus torrent reviews

Ben S (ag) wrote: To say detective Ko Gun-soo (Lee Sun-kyun) is having a hard day is putting it mildly. In the opening movements of this jet black comedy of errors we witness him driving back from his mother?s funeral, run over and kill a pedestrian, attempt to conceal the body, get pulled over for drunk driving, and discover his unit is under investigation by internal affairs. This captivating structure of jumping from frying pans into fires sustains Kim Seong-hung?s A Hard Day for the majority of its running time, before giving way to complete and utter bloody madness in the final act.In the standout scene, Kim Seong-hung is able to strike the perfect balance of humour and tension as, with the aid of some balloons and a toy soldier, Ko attempts to hurriedly dispose of the corpse by placing it inside the same casket as his recently deceased mother. It?s an absolutely faultless composition full of sweaty nerves and inappropriate laughs, immaculately punch-lined with a ringing phone from inside the coffin. Unfortunately, not everything works as well as this, occasionally wandering too deeply into run-of-the-mill police procedural territory as it struggles to maintain the cracking pace and overlapping nightmares of the set-up.As one problem is solved another materialises. The pedestrian turns out to be a key figure in an ongoing investigation, and Ko receives a call from a witness to his accident who begins a process of blackmail and intimidation. There is a gleeful perverted delight in every new twist and turn that befalls the homicide detective. Haunted by the buzzing of ?Unknown Caller? on his phone, Lee Sun-kyun has the kind of face you expect to do an exasperated Oliver Hardy turn to the camera. A conflict in tone exists throughout: the considered cinematography looks the part of other great Korean noirs, and the film revels in all the tensions and mysteries of a fraught whodunnit; simultaneously it strives to be let off the chain and run wild as a black comedy. The generic elements at play are the least interesting, so although the tautly paced thriller racks the nerves and the intermittent violence ferociously breaks bones, Kim Seong-hung is never fully committed to the intricately devised narrative. Secondary characters are sketched in when required, and nonsensical contrivances abound in the rangy climax. To all intents and purposes this is two films pursuing each other along Korean highways and back alleys. I was rooting for the one with a sense of humour.

Anthony Z (us) wrote: we need melissa macarthy to make better movies than this. a few funny spots but pretty bland as well. not too bad

Tracy F (au) wrote: 20 minutes in and I could not take anymore. Nails on a chalkboard bad.

Joey Q (it) wrote: Kevin Smith directing a serious film... whaaaa! The Devils rejects meets the Westborough Baptist Church meets any run of the mill teens lost and get into trouble film. This is not what I'd expect from him. There was only about 1 moment I felt even a tingle of excitement and that was from the sound during the trumpet scene. Yet again, don't waste your time.

Patrick S (es) wrote: Utterly crap on every level. Sometimes boring...sometimes hillarious.

Drae C (kr) wrote: Must all gay romances end in tragedy? The writers and directors here try to force the emotions of the audience. In the beginning, Chen is pretty loathesome, but we fall in love with the innocent, naive Lan Yu. By the middle of the film, we're goaded to care for Chen, but given no real reason other than his own poor choices and his obsession with Lan Yu. I guess I just didn't get it. Don't young gay men ever find nice guys? Give me Formula 17 instead.

Andrey B (gb) wrote: It has its funny moments and all, but overally too stiff, both in acting and direction to the point of being not so funny.

Mike H (br) wrote: Dear Mike,Stop watching Pauly Shore movies.Your pal,YourselfP.S. You're a dick.

Jamie F (ag) wrote: Plus: more flame throwerMinus: Mario Van Peebles

Andrew B (ru) wrote: extra half-star for how weird it is.

Gursimar S (jp) wrote: Definitely much more mature than the first expected the acting and chemistry between the actors is superb along with great camera work..the best way to describe this movie would be to say that its "realistic"

Wisnu P (au) wrote: supported by a powerful sound and different fights film is quite tense

TheJimbobs123 (us) wrote: I loved this film. Lots of suspense and a well-thought-out ending. Didn't give away too much during the film and keep me engrossed throughout, eager to know how this was going to end. Definitely a thinking persons' suspense/horror.