After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills.

After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, but lacking in heroic skills. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon P (ag) wrote: Interesting look at men and how they feel about themselves in conjunction with their penis size. Apparently there is a lot of mind opening (see disturbing) things men will do to try and increase the size of mister happy.The thing that struck me about this "cockumentary" is the director and star himself. You can see some serious soul/pain in the man's eyes as he talks about having a small wang, and as he recounts having his marriage proposal literally rebuffed due to his penis size. Man or woman, big dick/boobs or small, I suggest watching this. It's charming, funny, and intelligent, and if that's not a good enough reason to watch this then do it for the guy who lifts 350 lbs with his dong!!!!

Archibald T (mx) wrote: Four superheroes awake in separate locations, drained of their powers and are forced into a 'Saw' like situation. Injection scars on their wrists show that someone has stolen their precious powers. Strange thing though is that we're never exactly told what powers these superheroes have. It's glossed over except for their names which are: Charge, Cutthroat, Shadow and The Wall. They may not be the Fantastic Four, but they certainly have a quality that really pisses off it's Villain and to be honest I couldn't agree more.His name is Rickshaw and I know it sounds almost like Jigsaw. He has devised a series of scenarios where these four heroes must overcome their relied upon powers and try to, well, do what a human being would do. 100 innocent victims have been strapped to explosive devices and the heroes must save them. In order to save them, they must go through a series of rounds that include fighting really lame ass bad guys and being put into situations where they have to break their own rules. Superheroes live by codes and I believe one of them is to never hurt an innocent human being. It's tested here in a way that is suppose to make you think, but it really only makes you roll your eyes back in disgust. Not that they couldn't have done anything about it, but to make the film seem "intense" or "provocative" I guess it's writer/director Jason Trost wanted to spice up something new in the superhero genre by having it's heroes kill the innocent. It would've worked if it's director wasn't masturbating on the screen the entire time. Not literally, but I'll get to that later.There isn't much exposition on each character since I guess the director couldn't find any time or was short on budget to include extra scenes. There are probably just a few brief flash backs that don't really add up to the plot or even the characters. They also fight over each others egos and the one female superhero is made to look like a slut after it's presented that she's been in relationships with both Charge and also The Wall. The villain, played awesomely by James Remar, is probably the only character that you'll want to spend the most time with. He makes the actors who play the superheroes look like stand ins. The fight scenes are really shitty even for it's low budget, but the set up was actually really nice. It could have had potential if it wasn't for it's self involved writer/director.I really didn't like this film, not because of it's low budget, but because of Jason Trost's ego that appears to be splattered on the screen in all display. He even has the one female superhero, played by Sophie Merkley, appear to be just a slag hanging on to his character's every word and action. He even goes as far as to include a romance between his and her character which felt so fucking unnecessary. Even the villain at the end dies in such a lazy way that it'll make you laugh. It was so anti-climatic that when it ended I couldn't believe my eyes and how much time I just wasted on a film that was made simply by a jerk off. If you want to see vigilante justice go watch Kick-Ass, Defendor or Super. (Actually, just watch Super it's so much more superior than this piece of shit.)Overall, this is the worst film so far of 2013.

Knut B (gb) wrote: I found this movie to be a lesser appeling then the other Varg Veum movies, I understad that there is a timeleap and some other producers to the movie. And there is moments in this movie that are good, but this version of Varg Veum wasn't a good one. Trond Espen Seim didn't play well, and Bjrn Floberg's Hamre was weak... The light point acting wise was Martine Johansen that plays the girl...

Valerie L (de) wrote: It's a silly but nevertheless fun movie. Good to see Eric Bana return to his comedy roots. Not meant to be taken seriously.

Stephanie M (jp) wrote: i liked this movie...

Sam F (au) wrote: Although I did not fully comprehend all the profound narration by Clive Owen (which warrants another viewing), this film was a pleasure to watch. The transformation from writer to croupier sets up an intriguing character (Owen) who makes the film very engaging.

Kyle T (ru) wrote: Compared to the other Godzilla movies of the 70s, this is a masterpiece. The characters stand out, the plot is consistent, there are no little kids, and the music score is quite refreshing. The character's dialogue in the english dub is what really stands out tho, especially the INTERPOL agent and the smooth-talking leader of the invading aliens.

Lucas Y (nl) wrote: I'm being nice with 2-stars. The Farrelly brothers need to stop making movies. They've clearly shown for the last 10 years that they're incapable of originality anymore. The 1994 classic is one of my all-time favorite movies. I could watch it every day. So many classic lines & scenes. This movie lacks both of those. I have a hard time even remembering any of the jokes. Almost all of them fall flat and are shown in the trailer. I've had people tell me, "Well you're not 10 years old anymore. Your sense of humor is different." No, it's not. The original is still great. The best part of the movie is the nostalgia and the chemistry of the 2 idiots. Carrey & Daniels were perfect for what they were given to work with, which was next to nothing. The fans deserved much much better.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: I didn't watch this film until a few years after it came out and I loved it, I wish I watched it sooner, With some great humour and action scenes, It's good enough to give any comic movie a run for its money.

D M (de) wrote: A nerdy sorority girl who talks too much falls in love with a zombie; soon they unleash the zombie apocalypse on campus. The coed discovers that marijuana will revert the zombies back to their human form. Pretty much what you'd expect from a movie with a title like this. Dora Pereli was hot.

Robert B (kr) wrote: This western was a pleasant surprise. Reminded me of a 1970's version of 1994's Tombstone. Big cast and big action. Most of Waynes' films around this time were smaller westerns adventures and smaller casts. This one has a good mix of fun, action and even a contemporary moral tale about the dangers of corporate monopolies and the corrupting influence on the Army and politics. The scene where Forrest Tucker's character of Murphy the new land barron is a bribing a US Army Colonel is classic. You'd swear it was Dick Cheney grilling a US Army General for a Halliburton contract. The rest of the cast is excellent and the story is predictable but entertaining.