After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills.

Frank Darrbo is a hapless fry cook. When his wife Sarah falls off the wagon and dumps him for Jacques, a drug dealer, Frank tries to get her back by reporting her kidnapped, grabbing her from Jacques' car, and wailing for her to return. After watching Christian TV and having a vision, he becomes a superhero to fight evil. He sews a costume, finds a weapon (a pipe wrench) and looks for crimes to stop. He has problems: his wrench inflicts real injury, so the cops want him for being a vigilante, his sense of boundaries is flawed, and Jacques' gang has guns. Libby, a clerk at a comic book store, becomes his sidekick, and it's time to go save Sarah. What chance do they have? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Landon E (fr) wrote: Good stuff! Comin' off the heels of The Lego Movie, this is surely a step in the right direction for WAG. Cute, heartfelt and hilarious!

Jacksun F (au) wrote: The situation gets more and more complicated as Jack Harris digs himself into a deeper and deeper hole but it keeps the viewer interested in finding out how it will all resolve.

RickyDee S (es) wrote: Allowing for typical schmaltz factor, like Zuzu's petals, this is an endearing and welcome addition to the movies we love to watch at the Holidays, year after year! Felicidades!!

Sam T (gb) wrote: The film provides invaluable context for one of the most thought provoking plays of all time.

Paul M (de) wrote: It's like a two-hour episode. Good if you like the show, but not great.

David F (de) wrote: What an endlessly witty film this is. With its ensemble cast of performances that range from heartbreaking to downright hilarious at times, I was constantly engaged by David Mamet's script in terms of not only dialogue but also character. Each person in this film has clearly defined edges, which is mostly done through the performances of each actor. Lemmon is a fast talking, slightly desperate sounding man with a family to feed, Pacino is incredibly smooth and appears to have not a care in the world while still maintaining an air of professionalism, the viewer believes he is good at his job despite being told time and again its just a lucky streak. James Foley's direction matches the wit of Mamet's screenplay, as his camera cuts between characters at a speed to rival the dialogue flying out of the actors mouths, which allows him to create immense amounts of tension in the viewer when all that is really happening is two men talking in an office. The way the film is shot is an asset to the movie as well, we are never given any glimpses of the characters home lives or homely settings, it is kept strictly businesslike, adding to the cutthroat atmosphere of the world they are trying so hard to stay in.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Its so bad it's good.

Melborne Z (br) wrote: loved this movie jake was great in this one and i liked how shirley always wear green;]

Greg W (ca) wrote: another test pilot pic

Bill R (au) wrote: a nice little family movie. I was really interested in this due to the fact it was filmed in my home state of Alaska. the acting is decent and done well enough to keep the story going, which is also a nice story. it give you time to know the whales. based on a true event back in the 80s, this makes a nice little film to watch over all.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Directed by John Badham (Saturday Night Fever (1977), Short Circuit (1986) and Stakeout (1987)) this idea was pitched by two professional skydivers Tony Griffin and Guy Manos. The film was originally slated to star Steven Seagal, but he passed on the idea, then it went to Wesley Snipes, who loved the idea. It's a silly, by-the-numbers action film, but it passes for muster while it lasts. U.S. Marshal Pete Nessip (Wesley Snipes) and his brother Terry (Malcolm Jamal-Warner), also a U.S. Marshal, are escorting Earl Leedy (Michael Jeter), a computer wizard by plane to a high security jail, after an attempt is made on Leedy's life. On the flight, the plane is hijacked by former DEA agent Ty Moncrief (Gary Busey), who kidnaps Leedy by skydiving out of the plane, killing Terry in the process. Although Pete is forced to turn in his badge, he swears revenge. But he learns of Moncrief's plan to attack Washington D.C. during a parachute and airshow exhibition, so Pete calls upon skydiver Jessie Crossman (Yancy Butler) to help. It's a very silly film, and it has some good moments, and a lot of the skydiving stunts were done for real when they could be. Not all of it works, but it manages to be fun, brainless entertainment while it lasts. Busey does his bad-guy thing again, and he has fun, but Snipes makes for a charistmatic lead action hero.

Sgt C (es) wrote: (69%)One of Alfred the greats final films is a real sleazy treat for fans of his more exploitative side. Anyone wanting to know exactly why the likes of Dario Argento is often compared to old Hitch then this needs to be seen. What's best about this little gem is the fact that you can tell the old guy was having a bit of fun with it, he knows it isn't going to be his best or even close, so he fills this with nice touches of black humour, tonnes of bad language, and plenty of suspense. This is very much a middle of the pile addition, but the cast is good, it's very well structured, and it never allows itself to be taken seriously. Overall a good sit that is never boring to watch.