Super Dark Times

Super Dark Times

Teenagers Zach and Josh have been best friends their whole lives, but when a gruesome accident leads to a cover-up, the secret drives a wedge between them and propels them down a rabbit hole of escalating paranoia and violence.

The movie centers on teenagers Zach and Josh, who have been best friends their whole lives. When a traumatic incident drives a wedge between the previously inseparable pair, their youthful innocence abruptly vanishes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric L (nl) wrote: Great movie! Wonderful inspiring story, told exceptionally well.

Dane P (us) wrote: Looks great considering the budget but Upstream Color is nothing but a average artsy fartsy pretentious film. With little story or no development making for a mundane drone and its inability for getting any emotion out of the audience.

Beth G (ru) wrote: I don't I really got this movie. It wasn't what I expected at all but I'll give it a few stars for making me slightly uncomfortable, which is hard to do.

Cate B (jp) wrote: Hilarious.Funniest movie I've seen since "We're the Millers".Loved the fact that it was made in Australia with The Blue Mountains in the background.Light,silly humour, excellent after a long week.Loved ONJ and of course Xavier. Gorgeous Aussie talent.Big thumbs up from me.

Prajay N (br) wrote: too goood..... thts kind a movie which u ll like to see hundreds of time.....

Cody M (gb) wrote: It's much better than most of these types of movies.

Craig W (jp) wrote: This was awesome, Thomas Jane is a fave of mine and he is great in this. I had not heard of Andre Stander before this but he had an interesting run, i really wanted him to get away in the end.

Dan A (es) wrote: Entertaining and great cast. Sally field is terrific

Lee P (fr) wrote: What a cast. 1 word for this movie. AWFUL

Scott O (us) wrote: My second favorite film of all time. Using two actresses as one female character is brilliant.

Andrew G (ca) wrote: Let me first mention the good parts: ugh 1) I think that the eyes of Bela Lugosi were recycled in this movie from "White Zombie" 2) Its campy Well thats all the good I see in this terrible movie, its probably so bad its good cause I did laugh I lot.

Jian G (us) wrote: Apparently Bad Teacher believes watching Diaz as a shrewish slattern for 90 minutes is amusing and suffices for a feature length film. Ultimately, it becomes a wasteful endeavor as the anti-hero's motive (the plot device) is abruptly nixed due to a weird dry hump scene.