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Andrew D (es) wrote: Twenty minutes in. One star and dropping.

Emma L (au) wrote: Generic and by-the-numbers horror, with a leading couple so irritating you'll want them to be killed. Some novelty value in seeing the aunt of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a childless, violent Bible-basher trying to harvest a baby from random backpackers. Capped off by a truly awful final scene, this is a movie to only bother with when you're at a (very) loose end.

Craig G (de) wrote: Brooks' willingness to make his character, also named "Albert Brooks," unlikeable to the most extremes. Smarmy and elitist, Brooks attempts to be an artist by means of the sort of exploitation that became popular two decades later in the form of reality tv. Sometimes surreal the film is ultimately rewarding.

Peter K (gb) wrote: I found this movie endearing. Sure it's predicated on one continuous gag, and wasn't a huge budget production. But I found it sufficiently amusing and it left me with a good feeling.

Benjamin N (br) wrote: FUCKING EPIC ACTION MOVIE

Justin B (ru) wrote: It's simple but not nearly as trashy as I was expecting. A surprisingly stylistic revenge action-thriller.

Adrien C (it) wrote: On est pas bien l?

Carolyn P (it) wrote: This movie is in my top 10; for me, it's the definition of a classic comedy.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Amazing looking film, but some severe logic problems for me.

Frdric H (br) wrote: Lake placid is fun and a nice watch with a huge crocodile killing everything it can attack.

Lee M (mx) wrote: Ferrara has made a film that's always visually arresting, but one that lacks emotional and dramatic sense -- a recurrent weakness in his work.