High school best buddies are facing separation anxiety as they prepare to go off to college. While attempting to score alcohol for a party with help from a fake ID-toting friend, the guys' evening takes a turn into chaotic territory.

Seth and Evan are best friends, navigating the last weeks of high school. But Evan and Seth both know that college is a place of personal reinvention, and that if they are able to make that first leap together they will have forged a bond powerful enough to last a lifetime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Superbad torrent reviews

Benjamin W (br) wrote: While not as good as the Strong World movie before it, it adds a little more spice to the series with a tale from the New World itself, where Luffy and his crew face off against new challenges, explore a new part of their world, and face off against a new and powerful villain.

Greg W (de) wrote: awesome doc about a true american/UK icon

Fivos G (nl) wrote: Interesting a probable twist of "history" but a bit simplistic.

Simon r (br) wrote: the worst movie off all time, worse that butterfly on a wheel

Derrick M (ca) wrote: Well made and acted. Good film

Missy M (gb) wrote: son wants to see this

Timothy N (kr) wrote: It is good to see that the French are inbred Satanists.

Barnaby W (nl) wrote: An interesting but flawed directorial debut. Competant in its visuals but shaky on plot.

John T (br) wrote: This is the story of a bag of money and the people who come into contact with it.

Patrick W (ru) wrote: Live action adaptation of the classic book/animated film. If you were going to sit down and try to figure out someone to play the Grinch, I think they definitely got it right. Jim Carrey is well casted as the Grinch and does a good job with the script he was given. As this is a feature length film, they do have to pump a little more into the story than the original did, but it is appropriate.

Dave C (br) wrote: Nick Nolte stars in this film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, although I have not read the book. Kurt's style shows through in this telling, and Mr. V. even makes a brief cameo. A dark, twisted tale. Hey, it's Vonnegut!

Mike B (br) wrote: While certainly not nearly as good as the book it is a solid page to screen translation.

Eric (br) wrote: Turned it off part way into it because I thought it was pretty boring.

Jessica H (it) wrote: If it does not make you tear up at least once, then you might want to check your own heart.

Ian M (us) wrote: The stars are just for the acting, which was really good. Unfortunately after a brilliant opener it fell flat and became very disappointing and slow with a minor twist.

John B (kr) wrote: Kind of a relic from a bygone era, Norma Rae is a female unionist who goes through much of the trials and tribulations that one goes through in organizing a union in a hostile environment. Sally Field was nonetheless aptly rewarded for giving it her all.

Merry J (nl) wrote: I never saw this one

Maxwell K (de) wrote: This film is just so cute and fun.

Eric R (es) wrote: James Stewart stars as Rip Smith, a pollster who finds a small town that happens to have the exact make-up of the nation, but on a much smaller scale. The ethnic types, occupations, political beliefs, and personal opinions all perfectly mimic the thought's of the nation, and Rip moves to the town, undercover as an insurance salesman, with the intention of exploiting this discover for all it's worth. Magic Town is rather weird film for William A. Wellman to make, as if he was trying to prove a point that he too could make a film that is Capra-esque in it's depiction of small town charm and sensibilities. What's interesting about this film though, The film unfolds around a romance that begins between Rip and Mary, a local newspaper editor. The theme of a rather selfish man learning the error his ways through the virtues of a small town is indeed prevalent but what's interesting about the film is Mary's viewpoint. Through Mary, Wellman somewhat challenges the notions of a small town, the notion that a town needs to grow and adapt, desperately needing new industry to thrive and grow while still crediting the small town morals and ethics. The romantic fallout and consummate reunion also felt far more geniune, a sequence where Mary declares that their relationship has destroyed a town, was a great scene and resonant. These things are a great addition to the rather basic premise that elevates the film beyond it's counterparts, though it's still a lesser Wellman. There are a few great Wellman-esque scenes though-the way he shoots the sequence where Mary discovers the truth about Rip's intentions are shot in a very dark, shadowy, moody setting.

Bob W (de) wrote: One of the most romantic films of all time.