Superdragon vs. Superman

Superdragon vs. Superman

Scientist Dr Ting has invented a secret formula that will help the world's food crisis, but refuses an offer to sell it. When Dr Ting is later kidnapped by a sinister organization, Alice's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Superdragon vs. Superman torrent reviews

Adam M (mx) wrote: This movie dares to answer the age-old question: If there is more than 1 MILF, do you call them MILFs or MILF?

Riccardo A (kr) wrote: Fine but I wouldn't watch it many times...

Gianni V (fr) wrote: This was simply brilliant. So many films in one film: slapstick comedy, action film, wuxia pian, thriller, love story, Buddhist tale. Andy Lau Tak-Wah and Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi show how talented they are by playing equally well in all these films-within-a-film.

Robert O (mx) wrote: nice filming, good generational story. amazing location

Laura B (ca) wrote: Odd and interesting. A bit slow at times.

Andr D (au) wrote: La pelicula definitiva sobre el enfrentamiento padre e hijo. Todo un clasico con estupendas actuaciones y direccion impecable.

Aj V (jp) wrote: A pretentious Hitchcockian thriller. I didn't care for it, but at least the actors were good.

Marcus W (gb) wrote: It's terrible...and yet it has a childish innocence that you can't help but warm to.

Jill R (ca) wrote: Hostel is a creative and welcome attempt in the horror genre. I was genuinely scared by this movie. The acting is fine,the movie is well written and well directed. There is some good tension in this film which I appreciated. I did really enjoy and have fun with this movie. This isn't a perfect movie but for what it is it's pretty good. Overall Hostel is a scary thrilling movie that I would recommend for horror fans. Grade B+

Andrew G (ca) wrote: It's aggressively awful in every conceivable way. I felt so bad for the actors in this - Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Paul Reiser, Lucy Fry - just trying their best to say this dialogue with a straight face. It tries to mimic Poltergeist but ends up being more boring than the Paranormal Activity sequels. I recommend this movie to no one. However, if you're fresh out of ambien, The Darkness can put you right to sleep.