In this Indian take on the classic superhero story, a young baby from the doomed planet Krypton is sent to Earth, where he is adopted by an elderly couple in India who name him Shekhar. After growing to an adult and learning about his origins and powers, he goes to the city in search of his school sweetheart, Gita, who has become a newpaper reporter. At the same time, Verma, Shekhar's rival for Gita's affection in their school days, has gone on to become a crime lord and general super-villain. Verma has hatched at plan to become rich by devastating part of India with natural disasters, then buying up all of the abandoned land. Will Superman/Shekhar be able to put a stop to Verma's evil plan? Will he win Gita's heart? Will he keep his double identity a secret?

In this Indian take on the classic superhero story, a young baby from the doomed planet Krypton is sent to Earth, where he is adopted by an elderly couple in India who name him Shekhar. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin C (nl) wrote: Decent Lifetime movie that had me guessing up until the end.

BellaRay (fr) wrote: Either rap or act. Do not try and do both. Shameless.

Peter L (ag) wrote: A very, very powerful story, with endless social implications. At times it almost feels like a documentray about running, which really helps to add to the feel of the movie. Jared Leto does a really great job. You don't like him a whole lot, you're not supposed to either, but you understand him, and that my friends is enough. I learned so much from him about the strength and power of the human spirit, and to what lengths determination can take us. At the same time this movie brought up points of doing what you're inherently good at, and playing to your strengths, which made it's inspiring message more layered, and much more honest. The movie has it's issues, but what it does well, it does very well, and it never tries to be what it's not.

Jayden C (ag) wrote: really goodmust see

Jeff A (ru) wrote: This was nothing special. Watched it once. That was enough.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Cute 80's romantic comedy.

Darren H (ca) wrote: Too knowingly artsy fartsy for a gangster B-movie. I liked Youth of the Beast more.

Byron B (nl) wrote: Most famous for Astaire dancing around the walls and ceiling of a room during a daydream. Fred's and Jane's performances aren't great otherwise. The story is all just loosely thrown together with as many excuses for dance numbers as possible.

Judge L (ru) wrote: Another great Thin Man movie with Nick, Nora and Asta. This being the fourth movie in the series, Powell and Loy still shine in their roles.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Textbook Filmmaking and the perfect James Bond film. Not only is the action and suspense absolutely spectacular but it really explores the beginnings of James Bond as a double O agent. Daniel Craig is my favourite bond. I know it's a cliche choice but he really has the perfect balance of manliness and smoothness. Mads Mikkelsen plays a great villain and Eva Green plays one of the best Bond girls ever. She is smart, sophisticated and probably the most complex bond girl since Diana Rigg in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. "You Know My Name - Chris Cornell" is also one of the best bond songs. It has that perfect mix of classic bond flare with a new alternative sound grounded in the 21st Century. Casino Royale is not just one of the best Bond films, it's one of the best action films ever made!

Igor A (au) wrote: fenomenalno! mnogu jak film! toa e toa! predupreduvanje: filmov ne moze sekoj da go svari, poseben i edinstven e...bez navredi, ali mora da pominete mnogu kilometri za da vlezete vo ovoj "film" :) ocenkite na net pokazuvaat deka se raboti za isklucitelen film, a odtuka i brojnite nagradi i nominacii

Ryan T (gb) wrote: I just saw it and it was hilarious but to much sexual and swear word stuff but i loved it.

Will L (mx) wrote: 'Judge Dredd' is an infinitely entertaining campy mess. This cliche-ridden, overblown, unintentionally funny pulp-fest is tons of fun for all the wrong reasons. I love it.