Orphan Mary Katherine Gallagher, an ugly duckling at St. Monica High School, has a dream: to be kissed soulfully. She decides she can realize this dream if she becomes a superstar, so her prayers, her fantasies, and her conversations with her only friend focus on achieving super-stardom.

Nerdy and awkward high-school student Mary Katherine Gallagher always dreams about dating popular student Sky Corrigan and superstardom. And Superstar follows Mary Katherine while she is trying to find her place in her school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nevil M (nl) wrote: 4/5 Drama, and a very good one.

Ken S (ag) wrote: In this fascinating documentary, after being attacked by five men and left in a coma for nine days, a man wakes up with brain damage and must learn everything all over again. Eventually he created his own form of therapy by creating his own fictional town in his backyard and populating with GI Joes and Barbies and creating a long running story-line and taking lots of photographs of the dolls. The way he sort of unintentionally created art just to deal with his psychological issues after a severe attack (and used violence with the dolls to avoid lashing out in real life) is wonderful....and the revelations about who Mark is are really surprising to see unfold.

Kristy P (br) wrote: Once again, me with the movies about the apartheid in South Africa. And this is a good one. I loved how he learned that forgivness was more necessray to him and his peace of mind than getting revenge.

Jordan R (br) wrote: Great Short! Not Necessarily Hilarious But, Very Entertaining and A Good Story!

Eva R (ag) wrote: Pretty interesting concept, but it wasn't as intense as I would have liked. It's a movie about stalking, which I thought was brought to life very well--the frustration, confusion, and anger that stems from it and in turn, the stress on relationships. The antagonist is very creepy and does a good job relaying stalker behavior. Craig plays a university professor with very isolating theories about love and life...that aspect is very built-in to the movie. It seemed disingenuous. The ending was rushed, and even though it tried to be dramatic, it was just wa-wa. It is English, and some people don't enjoy English film, but it wasn't that distracting. So, in all, an interesting study in stalking, but just an average movie. Almost impossible to find in the States. I would go to the end of the Earth to find it, but if it's on the tube, I'd check it out if you're into that kind of psychological suspense film. Don't miss the beginning if you do!

Elgan D (us) wrote: A strong prequel consisting of the much the same level of quality high tense gang land scenes. The story is a little contrived to fit into the plot of the first but it makes up for this in other aspects.

Arun S (mx) wrote: Absolute nonsense with crazy songs like tip tip barsaa and tu cheez badi hai mast mast. Suniel Shetty and Akshay Kumar when they were acting nincompoops. A must watch!

Anthony P (ag) wrote: Fulci made three zombie films between 1979-1981. The classic being Zombie. The masterpiece being The Beyond. And the dud being this one.

Erich R (ca) wrote: Marcel Camus, 1959. Play for us, and make the sun rise.

Alex V (it) wrote: I do love the stop motion films this being one of the best.