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Superstar Goofy


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Superstar Goofy torrent reviews

Nic T (us) wrote: cool cars and pretty babes..! woohoo...but v few cinemas are showing it??

Stacey O (br) wrote: It tries hard but in spite of the talented casts best intentions it never escapes feeling like an extended episode of Neighbours or a Home &Away.

Bjorn O (gb) wrote: Fin och vacker historia, enda anledningen att jag inte ger den nnu hgre betyg r att jag snakr att det skulle varit nnu mera hnvisningar till gammalt snusk.

GaURav (gb) wrote: not very scary but funny

MoochieSmiles D (us) wrote: awesome the color is amazing.i love fairys.

Roseana W (au) wrote: I but it was good but yet kinda tacky it was alright.

Darren P (gb) wrote: Doesn't hold up as well as I hoped, but it's worth seeing.

Colin E (fr) wrote: Nice film.Pretty tough to watch at some points. All in all, it was indeed a sad flick. Another rent, not a buy. Look for it on HBO or Showcase. Recommended.Get your tissues ready ladies.

Emod L (au) wrote: 81%It's not as good as the critics make it out to be. It's very pretentious sometimes, in fact. But the story's captivating, and the direction is rather good, as are its fine visuals and performances from its young cast.

Blake B (fr) wrote: Great message for kids

paul s (gb) wrote: exceedingly well filmed, with many continuous long dolly shots, this film about a theatre in occupied Paris during WWII boasts Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu (or as we call him around our house Dippity Do) as the main charactors. However, the real stars of this film are the many supporting actors and the cinematography. The first third of the film is stunning, aptly showing all the hustle and bustle backstage at the theatre. All the movement and extras entering and exiting the screen are like an intricate dance as the camera, in a long single shot, follows dippity do as he enters the theatre. There is a wonderful scene shortly thereafter where dippity do is talking to a friend in a bar - he looks out through the bars' window and sees Deneuve exiting the stage door across the street - the camera then zooms in and follows Deveuve - wonderful! However, the skill and care taken for these shots is not exhibited in the script. There is an interesting and potentially poignant story concerning jew hunting, jew harboring, and attempts made at an escape into Spain, but the sense of urgencey and drama somehow just isn't as gripping as it should have been. The film also lacks subtlety in some regards - for example, the theatre critic who is a Nazi toady, parroting the company line for favor. He gives an absurd anti-jew speach over the radio that would have made Tokyo Rose blush. I will concede that it was entirely possible for something like that to have occured, but here it stopped the narrative flow and seemed simply out of place. There is also to consider the almost absurd performance by dippity do. Perhaps the script was responsible, but he goes from laughable rogue hitting on anything in a skirt, to a profession of undying love for a certain charactor. The two seem diametrically opposed. But what is far worse is his wooden anti Nazi portrayal. Taken way over the top to the point where he would not let his hat be checked because there were Nazi hats in the cloakroom. Prety overt behavior for someone suspected of being in the resistance. Towards the film's end there is a potential crises that is never resolved - just simply brushed aside as the film switches gears and becomes some kind of historical movielogue. It then goes on to further shatter the illusion that we are watching something transpire in real time by announcing that the story is in need of an epilogue - which it then provides with a slight of hand twist that, while satisfying, doesn't repair the damage. Throughout the film I got the sense that this was some kind of homage to an older style of both filmmaking and story telling - as if the sensabilities were right out of the 50's. Intentional or not, it was disquieting for me. I'd give this film a 10 for its camera work, a 9 for most of the acting, especially the bit parts, like that of the stage manager and the critic, but a 5 for direction and script - it just felt as if the passion was missing. In a final note: Mrs. Henderson Presents is also about the theatre during WWII - they take different tacks, but oddly, the British one was more entertaining and came off as more sure of its voice - even though the french film had the occupation going for it.

Matthew S (br) wrote: No matter how many times I see it, I always expect to have fun watching it. But John Badham's film is a sincere depiction of reality within the strange culture of Disco male posturing.

Krista B (gb) wrote: Goofy and over-the-top. It's safe to say this is just Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price having a good time, which is exactly what you'll have when you watch it.

Matt M (br) wrote: As far as political thrillers are concerned, this is one of the most exciting ever made. Costa-Garvas, armed with a sense of urgency and great ambition, made an anti-fascist film where truths are revealed in a no-nonsense grippingly great crescendo, making it thought provoking but also exciting, also thanks to a great screenplay. A cast of big names like Montand, Trintignant and Perrin completes the picture.

Haytham K (fr) wrote: Atmospheric and creepy old Hammer classic that brings the Medusa legend to early 20th century. Best watched with the lights turned off!

Cody M (ca) wrote: The best of the sequels has its own charm and deep sympathy for Zira and Cornelius.

A B (nl) wrote: Not what I was expecting. Reviews make it sound as though the ending is utterly shocking and terrifying, some said it's the scariest ending they'd ever seen. I was monumentally underwhelmed when I finally saw it. The plot, acting, and build up of suspense are fine, but not wonderful. It held my attention and the central mystery is actually pretty gripping and smart. The film never really picks up the pace or becomes as intense as it should have. My imagination was racing with thoughts of terror and cruelty along the lines of The Silence of the Lambs (a far superior film in terms of horror and building tension), but instead I was severely let down by the lackluster, disappointingly un-clever final reveal. If you want decent suspense and an admittedly unique story that doesn't fall into any cliches whatsoever, go ahead and watch this movie. If you're looking for horror, thrills, or a final act that packs a punch, look elsewhere.