A witch put to death in 1692 swears vengeance on her persecutors and returns to the present day to punish their descendants.

A witch put to death in 1692 swears vengeance on her persecutors and returns to the present day to punish their descendants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Superstition torrent reviews

Stephanie F (us) wrote: Worst movie I ever sawSo boringNo good ending

Carlos M (ru) wrote: John Cameron Mitchell tells with great sensibility this delicate and painfully sad story that could have been made too depressive and hard to watch by a heavy-handed filmmaker, while the performances are outstanding, especially from Kidman and Wiest.

Tevon S (mx) wrote: I aint seen this movie in a long time

Curt N (jp) wrote: This is a movie that is well worth the admission. There are many parts of life and society that are represented, usually in an understated way, yet are some of the most important ones in almost all people's lives. Hits more heavily against brutality against women, but not over the top anti-male, but close. This is the only reason for a deduction of one star. Great acting for all principles, and not just Hopkins. Simplicity is sometimes the best acting, not the Method (results in way too any weird people).

Robert H (it) wrote: Though the subject matter and soundtrack seem dark, twisted and cutting edge industrial (in 1998 of course), Strangeland is nothing more than a wanna be movie of the week with some nudity and piercing.Seriously, if you removed the nudity, cut back on the actual shots of piercing, Strangeland plays like some standard low budget made for tv movie of the week thriller. The look of the film, the story, the way it's told all point to a clean version of what should have been a dirty and gritty film.This film makes 8mm look like the snuff film it wish it could have been.

Dann M (ca) wrote: Set sail for hilarity with the goofball comedy Down Periscope. When the Navy schedules a series of war games to see if a rogue vessel could breach their defenses, Lt. Cmdr. Tom Dodge is assigned an antiquated diesel sub and given a ragtag crew of misfits to attempt the impossible. Starring Kelsey Grammer, Lauren Holly, Rob Schneider, Bruce Dern, and Rip Torn, the film has a good cast that's well suited for this style of slapstick humor. Still, the comedy gets a little too cartoonish at times and goes overboard with the silly antics of this pirate-esque group of sailors. But overall, most of the jokes work and deliver a boat load of laughs. While it can be juvenile and formulaic, Down Periscope is also entertaining and a lot of fun.

Dane P (jp) wrote: WATCH THE RECOBBLED CUT!!! WATCH THE RECOBBLED CUT!!!I watched an unfinished movie.... A movie that had its production halted after 27 years! This hasn't been finished after 50 YEARS BASICALLY!!The main purpose of this movie was to shoot for a surreal silent animated marvel and that's right the animation is absolutely stunning!I feel sick knowing that someone took over the project and RUINED EVERYTHING!! ITS TRULY ONE OF THE MOST INSULTING THINGS YOU CAN EVER DO TO SOMEONE!! FIRST THEY ADD INNER MONOLOGUES TO SILENT CHARACTERS!! SO THEY ARE BASICALLY NARRATING WHAT THEY DO!! THEY ADD STUPID SONGS THAT ARE SO BLAND AND FORGETTABLE!! ITS ALMOST A SLAP IN THE FACE....WAIT NO NO NO A FULL ON CASTRATION WITH A RUSTY FORK TO ALL THAT HARD WORK!! so unfinished (recobbled cut) gets 7.5/10 mainly for its animationand the miramax cut gets -50,000,000/10 it is truly sickening to see and is one of the most insulting thing ever in ALL of history!!

John L (kr) wrote: An "Original Showtime Movie" made in 1998, it has all the same characteristics as the broadcast network "Made for TV" movies. Its obvious low budget shows in the production design and special effects. The actors are B and C list. While their performances aren't "bad" per se they're lackluster. The screen writing, script and directing are as much if not more responsible for that as the actors. The total result is a workman like movie that doesn't have much suspense or punch that a horror thriller should have, even if it's constrained by budget and short shooting schedule. Several scene sequences could have been rearranged slightly to heighten the shock and suspense. The choreography and timing of action and fight scenes are mediocre. As would be expected, all the bloody violence is off-camera, with the only on-camera deadly violence being bloodless shootings, which I attribute to budget constraints. It has an MPAA "R" rating primarily for language content which would have to be edited for over-the-air network broadcast TV. Why it was submitted to the MPAA for theatrical rating is a bit of a mystery (this costs money). All it needed was a TV rating using the FCC's rating scheme for airing on the Showtime cable channel, which is done by the broadcaster, not an industry or trade association with a fee. As with other films made for broadcast TV networks and and cable channels, it also suffers the erratic pacing needed to fill the time slot and the timing of scene transitions appropriate for scheduled commercial breaks. The positive things going for the movie are a couple of twist at the end. The viewer must plod through the movie to get to them though.

AnChi C (kr) wrote: Sh*t, the movie made me have a nightmare...

David I (ag) wrote: I did enjoy Blade:Trinity. It wasn't the best Blade movie and I originally seen it in theaters. Having Blade battle Dracula who surprisingly a daywalker was a good idea. But, I hated the fact that WWE's wrestler Triple H was in the movie. He didn't belong in the movie. He was a terrible actor. He was suppose to portray a tough bad ass vampire. All he did was make himself look like Wesley Snipes's character Blade can whup him good. This movie didn't need him and should have had a few changes made in the story before the release of the film.

Paul D (de) wrote: This movie certainly has a few really good and intense moments. However, I found most of this movie to move along at a very slow pace. Also, there was never any musical score in this movie, which also made it feel overly quiet and boring. Still, it was wonderfully acted and the ending is brutal.