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Todd P (jp) wrote: The Harry Hill Movie was not great, but it was good fun. The opening fifteen minutes were some of the funniest I have ever seen (luckily I was in the mood for silly humour when I went to see it), but then the film really lost its way. There were a few big laughs peppered throughout the rest of the film, but it never really regained any sort of momentum.

Chad B (ag) wrote: It's barely educational, Werner Herzog's vocal talents are criminally underutilized, the tone is inconsistent, the effects are hit-and-miss, and the whole thing is just a meandering, pointless waste of time.

Bill R (de) wrote: its not really fair rating this with out seeing the sequel. the fact it ends worse then most movies thst leave you hanging is something that makes it less of a higher rating. the martial arts are good and the story is decent if a little generic. the comedy is one of the weird type but if your familiar with martial arts comedies you know they are always a bit over the top. so untik i watch Tai Chi Hero it stays at 3 stars.

a Veann S (us) wrote: very funny and i was blown away when i found out it is based on a true story.

Nicholas G (gb) wrote: Sandra Bullock is one of the most overrated actresses in the history of cinema.

Anthony I (ru) wrote: I remember seeing this when it first came to video. Even at a young age, I knew something was wrong. The story it told was bizarre. It tries to balance teen-romantic comedy with Home Alone style kiddie hijinks. Those really don't go together. I can see how you can thread together multiple plots and characters during a single day (It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World did it perfectly so many years ago), but these filmmakers, and ESPECIALLY Nickelodeon weren't prepared to make something like that work. Chris Elliot's Snowplow Man is also such a hatable character. This was during the time when Chris Elliot was somehow in every comedy movie, because for some reason, everyone thought he was hilarious in There's Something About Mary (that would be half-right). Also, I don't dig Chevy Chase comedy. Not one bit. Snow Day is a conundrum.

Alex K (ru) wrote: Now this is how you do a movie. Bravo!

Andr D (us) wrote: Mel Brooks nos presenta todo un clsico de la comedia con "Blazing Saddles" la historia del primer sheriff negro (Cleavon Little en actitud Bugs Bunny) y su acompaante Jim, el pistolero ms rpido del oeste (un excelente Gene Wilder), quienes se enfrentan a Hadley Lamarr (un perfecto Harvey Korman) quien quiere destruir un pueblo completo para imponer una va de ferrocarril. Se incluye tambin a una inolvidable Madeleine Kahn como una cantante alemana inspirada en Marlene Dietrich. "Blazing Saddles" est llena de chistes que funcionan, parodias perfectas a los clichs del gnero Western y un final que es la anarqua total. Imperdible.

Farhad A (ag) wrote: A slice of life around the world. Brilliant. Disturbing.

Mauro S (gb) wrote: I watched this movie when I was 7 years old, still remember it. Great movie!

Leannie M (gb) wrote: This movie will touch everyone. Greatest movie ever. I want to wat CH it again!

Wesley W (mx) wrote: Oh my fricking god, this has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I am not exaggerating right now, I am really positive that this is the worst movie I have ever seen. Never has a movie been this racist, this offensive, this annoying, and this painfully lazy. I came so close to turning it off during the middle of it, but I continued to watch it in disbelief and torture myself because I never watch a movie half way through and decide to turn it off, but this particular shit-storm of a movie tested my intelligence. This movie is literally just full of unfunny and pain excruciating skits. All of them were full of lazy as hell writing, bad acting, and were just embarrassing to watch. I cannot believe anybody would find any of the jokes funny and they do nothing except kill brain cells and make me lose my faith in humanity. All the stars are completely wasted and given nothing to do except say crappy lines and embarrass themselves. Vince Offer the Shamwow Guy wrote and directed this movie and he really showed that he can't direct jack-shit and that he wrote a god awful script. This is probably the only movie I will ever end up giving 0 stars to because right now, I can't think of any movie that is worse than this one and I originally thought that Disaster Movie was the worse movie I ever saw. Overall, don't make the same mistake I made watching this crapfest and watch something else, because anything is better than this movie.

Katherine L (fr) wrote: Haha, "Not Another Teen Movie" was about this.

Nicolas B (mx) wrote: Expected a movie about a serial killer, got a lovestory instead. Meh. Boring.The last half hour or so is pretty intense though, so you can give it a try.

Thomas B (it) wrote: Starts out as an average thriller, then toward the end it takes a crazy twist! Overall it's a good movie and keeps you engaged throughout the whole film