Surfing Shorts

Surfing Shorts


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surfing,  

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Surfing Shorts torrent reviews

Keira R (fr) wrote: Eh! I rented another dud! I wasn't digging this movie at all. It didn't grab my attention in the least bit, not even the great Bette Davis. Happy to see Teresa Wright though -- such an angelic face. Social climbers looking for a get rich quick scheme...blah! Sorry, next!!

jai w (ag) wrote: a small film but with a big heart, feel good ending.

Terri H (it) wrote: Ewww a Mariah Carey film >_< No thankyou - Not interested

Cameron R (us) wrote: this movie was okay but it needed more blood, guts, and gore considering what the name of the movie is, I do love the self titled theme song though which is in fact my second all time favorite rob zombie song, the song gets five stars right on the spot, the reason I give the movie three stars is because of the lack of blood and gore, I hope rob zombie releases the director's cut with all the blood and gore restored

Abdulmalik A (nl) wrote: I was never exactly bored while I was watching it

Christopher L (au) wrote: Positively insufferable. I hated every minute of it.

George E (kr) wrote: Mostly boring film. The premise sounds quite good, but the film was just poorly done. The pace was awful, too. Nothing happened until the 2nd hour, really. Oh, yeah, it's also aged quite badly. The villains were good, though.

Karen K (es) wrote: This movie actually creeped me out! I saw it years ago and never forgot it.

Daniel D (fr) wrote: My main issue with YOLT is the fact that Bond goes through the trouble of disguising himself as a Japanese dude and even "marrying" all just to infiltrate Blofeld's lair. It's a dumb plot detour, but otherwise I think this is an enjoyable 007 outing.

Tommy K (fr) wrote: The songs sound very nice, the romance is well-developed, and the animation is absolutely seamless. Despite all these strengths, this movie just isn't my cup of tea. Quite possibly the closest thing to "so good it's bad" from Disney.

Greg W (us) wrote: a different noir mysteryer

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, April 18, 2011 (1984) Blame It On Rio COMEDY This movie may have started the trend often shown on raunchy comedies coming out of France and Italian cinema and in Italian horror, in terms of the idea of fortunate old men and young teenage girls falling head over heels for them is basically an excuse to see young girls topless all the time! In this scenerio stars the always chrismatic veteran actor Michael Caine, but if they use some other unknown no- name Joe Blow, in my opinion may not have received very much attraction or understanding between it's one-note characters! Even though, much of the audience are going to be males (especially underage teenagers whatever that would be) who would enjoy this which if the jokes fall flat, don't mind galvanizing often topless scenes of actress Michelle Johnson! To sum it up, both the harmless "G" rated story and it's jokes can be overshadowed by unfamily like R rated nudity, a film that may have done before, perhaps with Jack Lemmon or some other but without the nudity! 2 out of 4

Abigail C (es) wrote: Amazing movie...though, you must see the 'Gods Not Dead 2'...its even better!

Mate M (br) wrote: When is saw trailer on tv I was optimistic about watching hour and half of stupid action movie with Jean-Claude and Rourke. But, who could guess that movie would be so stupid?! Plot had too many stupidy (The Colony and escape from it, battle in Roman amphitheater, saving baby from tiger...) while acting was so terrible that I cursed the moment I decided to watch movie! Only thing more terrible than movie itself is hiring Dennis The Rainbow Rodman!!!