There are terrible people in the woods, not quite crazed redneck, not quite insane cannibalistic maniac, not quite a chainsaw wielding skin wearing gram pa's boy. This time it's a pair of ...

There are terrible people in the woods, not quite crazed redneck, not quite insane cannibalistic maniac, not quite a chainsaw wielding skin wearing gram pa's boy. This time it's a pair of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis R (gb) wrote: What is essentially a very well made home movie (no effort is made to hide film-making mistakes - jump cuts and on-screen boom mics are common - giving the film a authentic and quaint charm) is elevated by a moving, if slightly uncomfortable, portrait of a tenuous mother-son relationship and occasional moments of Gondry's signature, playful use of style.

Melissa R (es) wrote: just like freaky friday but still funny just unnecessarily vulgar.

Donnie B (gb) wrote: It's a fun satire that feels strangely relevant in 2016....

Joey S (ag) wrote: Hard to watch, but I want to watch it again after I watch "Chiatown".

Wayne K (mx) wrote: Launching Tom Hanks into the big time, no pun intended, and still one of the most charming comedies ever made, Big starts slow and understated, but when it finds its stride its off like a shot. The principal cast all shine in their respective roles, especially Mr. Hanks & Elizabeth Perkins, a career woman who lets her guard down and allows our hero into her heart. It's not mawkish, earns its emotional moments and never fails to put a smile on your face. The sheer delight of seeing the adult world examined through a child's eye is great concept observed in wonderful detail, especially when his new life begins to get on top of him. I was quite shocked by the story the lead character tells his family to explain his absence, which is completely out of nowhere and quite dark in contrast to the films otherwise light-hearted ton, but it doesn't interfere with the fun this movie doles out in spades, and certainly didn't hamper my enjoyment of it. It's highly acclaimed for a good reason, and you should see it at the first given opportunity.

James O (it) wrote: From 1982, Girls Nite Out is a very odd slasher film. It features a bunch of college kids being stalked by a maniac in...a cartoon bear costume with homemade claws. This came out two years before A Nightmare on Elm Street, and some people have accused this movie of ripping off Freddy's vintage weapon, obviously without checking the dates of the two films. In some scenes, the bear costume looks pretty eerie, but usually it just looks really goofy (which isn't a bad thing). It also has about 8 minutes of Hal Holbrook as Mac, the grumpy security guard. So is the killer one of the students, or is it the supposedly dead lunatic who killed Mac's daughter and hung himself in an asylum? The end is maybe the worst slasher ending ever, because its just BAD and would have benefited from another, oh, 3 minutes. Also, near the beginning, there are these two college brothers who are just hilarious and serve absolutely zip, zero, nada purpose. They just disappear near the half-way mark. You could say they're the "Prophets of Doom", as they tell their friends about the legend of said killer. It's a fun slasher, with a few bad aspects (low body count).

Andrew M (ca) wrote: Still one of the scariest movies ever

Victor M (fr) wrote: This film noir, one more by Fritz Lang, about a Nazi conspiracy in London could be naive for our times, but is well constructed and gives you only little cues about the end.

Brian S (jp) wrote: As delivering scares go, The Strangers does not fail you. Apparently based on some frightening true events, it's a very good and disturbing home invasion flick with good actors, a lot of shadow use and a camera that doesn't always stay still, which gave me the impression of a lot of movement going on. It's a rather simple plot, but it's truly on scary movie. Recommended !!