Survival Code

Survival Code

Set in 2045, Vic, an ex-ultimate fighter, is the owner of the only airstrip, hotel and bar in the high Arctic frontier town of Borealis. He does his best to keep the peace amongst a vast array of clashing characters in this lawless international free zone that sits on top of the world’s last remaining oil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pilot episode,  

Borealis is a peek into the future, set in a globally warmed north. The year is 2045 and the ice caps have melted, enabling the discovery of the last oil and gas reserve on the planet are in the Canadian North. It is a future we have all seen coming for years. Borealis is the "gold rush" town that springs up to give you anything you need. For a price. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (es) wrote: Great documentary to shed light on the truth. if you are or have seen "Gasland" you have to watch this movie so that you can see what really happens in the world of "fracking".

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: The CG and editing are pretty bad but the film has a fun playfulness about it even if it struggles to be anything more than amateurish.

Luis B (fr) wrote: una comedia francesa que se disfruta mucho, entretenida a full. Recomendable

Tom G (nl) wrote: Every element of this movie has been done before, by better filmmakers and with better dialogue. There's no surprise and the elements which are supposed to be surprise twists you can see coming a mile away. Kind of a iike a mysterious stranger arriving politely at your door and asking to stay the night. I don't know - do YOU say yes to a stranger staying the night in this day and age? Exactly. Dumb from the get-go.

Dan B (mx) wrote: Who knew modern HS debate sounds like auctioneering and has virtually nothing to do with critical thinking or the Socratic method/dialectics? Sad that debate is little more than a social club for rich, white kids that can result in fat scholarships...but really not surprising.

Will L (au) wrote: 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' is quite a unique musical experience. A heavy metal rock-opera with a great cast and great music, a strange visual style, and plenty of gore; this is an unusual beast that, while a bit sloppy, is worth the time of those with a taste for the bizarre.

Artur Q (jp) wrote: Louis Garrel is definitly amazing and with this filme his directed by his father. A story of love beautifuly told, without cliches, with May '68 as background. Not only as a background, but as an importante subject for the conduct of the film.

Chung M (ag) wrote: The way they sold the trailers before i went to the theaters.. the premise, the potential.. however the delivery.

Anna B (jp) wrote: Flatly staged and lit actor's showcase with not much effort on Lumet's part. It looks like an overlong network crime procedural, and no attempt is made to depict the passage of time outside the captions saying how many days the trial has been going for; if it weren't for those, and some off-hand exposition, I would have assumed the whole movie takes place over the course of a week. Dinklage outdoes the top-billed star.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: ****Yes, finally, Liam Neeson in a good movie! The direction was top-notch, the script was actually really well written, and I found it a thoroughly entertaining and slightly disturbing experience. All in all, a very good movie.

Kirkland D (us) wrote: John Holmes was somethin' else... smh.

Rahul B (br) wrote: Aamir Khan at his best. All the characters rock and the story is superb!

Swati M (ag) wrote: A great light and funny movie describing the cultural conflict faced by immigrant women.

Anna Q (de) wrote: This sounds interesting, huh?

Reece L (gb) wrote: Exposing the depth of human depravity, Night and Fog focuses on both the most unimaginable aspects of the Holocaust while always acknowledging the routine nature of the killings that passive participants engaged in. The audience is shown both sides of this atrocity, the arbitrary ranking systems exemplifying the banality of evil coupled with gruesome, frank shots of mountains of human hair that would later be used for cloth, bones being recycled for soap, piles of emaciated and twisted bodies dumped into mass graves. This brutal adherence to frankness comes with a point; humanity pretends that this kind of thing could never happen again, and yet instances of similar acts of oppression occur all the time, Resnais suggesting that humanity may not be capable of progress at all.

Justin E (fr) wrote: One of my favorite musicials.

JamesMasaki R (kr) wrote: The Philip Marlowe character was made an icon when Bogart played him in "The Big Sleep", but 2 years prior was "Murder My Sweet" aka "Farewell My Lady", with Dick Powell as the character. Not as cool or as smart as Bogart would be, but still good in a flashback told detective story with lots of punches and shocks, including the memorable brain trip sequence in the hospital, inspired by expressionist art.

Paul B (ag) wrote: A fun, violent adaptation of the 2000 AD comic.

Lasse C (jp) wrote: Fairly average entry into the DC animated universe.