Survival Island

Survival Island

A millionaire and his wife are shipwrecked after a yachting accident with their former servant, Manuel.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   beach,   scientist,  

3 people marooned on a desert island, only one will survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beth P (fr) wrote: The first half is absolutely flawless, and then the film takes some risks. Great acting and superb pacing/mood. The music is a great support to the film without acting as a crutch.

Grant S (es) wrote: Wonderful, emotional movie.It is the early-1900s and author / playwright JM Barrie's latest play has flopped. He is in need of inspiration and meets Sylvia Llewelyn-Davis and her four sons. They ultimately inspire him to write Peter Pan...Incredible (true) story. The depth of emotion involved, and the wonder of seeing a creative genius at work make this a very moving journey. Excellent use of dream / fantasy sequences as we look inside Barrie's mind.Great work by Johnny Depp in the lead role, a performance for which he got an Oscar nomination. Good support from Kate Wnslet as Sylvia and Julie Christie as her mother plus also Radha Mitchell and Dustin Hoffman. The kids are great too - some of the best performances by child actors you'll see.

Paul S (es) wrote: one of my all time favorites

Roman S (ca) wrote: i had absolutely no clue what this was about when i saw it, but boy did i love it. while there's quite a bit a violenc in it, its mostly comical.

RJohn X (es) wrote: The remake actually makes more sense than this silly movie. I suppose there is some story about a river, a puppet demon, and native americans? Basically, a lot of toplessness and there is that famous lipstick into the boob scene. Other than that, I suppose it is a fair representation of 1980s horror. Oh and Linnea Quigley's underwear.

Bethany C (ca) wrote: Due to this being from the 80s, the special effects were only so-so. And there wasn't as much psychological horror to back up the bad special effects as I might have wished there to be. However, there was a level of "how far would you go for a loved one" and a LOT of body horror, which did make the film enjoyable for me. This is a classic, I know, and I did thoroughly enjoy it. I'm glad I watched it a second time by myself, because it did allow me to enjoy it more.It does seem to depend more on body horror, and they definitely could have developed the mythology better than they did. But for what it was, it was intensely entertaining.

Darius G (gb) wrote: All time classic. There can be only one...

STCENTERPRISE (nl) wrote: Moscow on the Hudson provides good examples of the paranoia of being imprisoned and captured by the KGB. KGB fears of Russians being exposed to American culture on there trips tour to Russia. the Russians the long lines for toilet paper and and difference. This film depicts how Russians did not understand the American culture completely in America. They had great fears about being paranoid & being exposed to things like Time Square, the subway system and so forth and they were only allowed to shop in Bloomingdales for 30 minutes. This film has swearing, sex, & nudity scenes so it is not made something I would bring a younger audience to see.I Think it's funny how many cultures Robin Williams character is exposed to very quickly once he defects and decides to stay. Immediately he decides to choose to stay with a black African-American family, dates an Italian girl, and meets a Cuban lawyer. The first trip to the grocery store in America is a funny scene because he goes from Russia that has a long wait for a product to in America a huge selection of products to choose from with no lines to obtain coffee. I personally thought that the beginning of the film was much better than towards the end of the film. I like music in this film it has a great representation of the sounds of the music cultures in the 1980's. I did not like the swearing, sex scenes, or the ending of the film. I did feel that this film does show an accurate depiction of the cultures of New York and of Moscow in the 1980's. An image of Communist Russia I had never seen nor understood before seeing this film. Robin Williams character in this film is not really funny. If anything is funny it is the situations or misconceptions he has and experiences he has getting to America. In reality this role is much more serious for him. It is a good film if you wish to know the cultural differences of Russia verses America.

Adam L D (it) wrote: A wondefrul trip during the depressed 1930's with con man Moses Pray and his new willing and much better Con lady, 10 year old Addie, with beautiful black and white photography and witty dialoge this classic moves with a quick and smart pace with lots of fun and a funny part by the late Madeline Kahn, A pure gem. A must to watch just for for the soundtrack full of classic Cole Porter and other jazz beauties.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: It really funny!!!!!!!!

Harry W (gb) wrote: Walking Tall was recommended to me by a friend who informed me it had Dwayne Johnson teaming up with comedy legend Johnny Knoxville, so missing it was simply not an option for meThe nature of Walking Tall's story wasn't anything I expected surprises from since I was merely expecting it to be another story of Dwayne Johnson playing a character getting involved in crime and somehow dominating everybody with his strength in one way or another. Walking Tall has an interesting premise since because instead of Dwayne Johnson's character being a simple vigilante he actually campaigns to become a sheriff in the face of injustice in his hometown, so the plot stands slightly above the usual crime drama film of this calibre. And it deals with corruption in Casinos which is easy to agree with since Casinos are some of the most money grubbing scammers known to man who feed on peoples' addictions to gambling and drive families into the ground. So the sight of Dwayne Johnson catching Casino staff in a scam and attacking their corrupt security is a good sight and sets up Walking Tall to be an interesting film. But the problem ends up being with the pacing and the execution of the climax in the film.As a fan of Dwayne Johnson, I enjoyed Walking Tall. But the problem was that he did not kick enough ass. While the film gives a good build up for the drama during the second half and paces itself well until Christopher "Chris' Vaughn, Jr. becomes the sheriff of Kitsap, from there it doesn't have all that much to do. Walking Tall is good for the first 60 minutes because it paces itself slowly but interestingly enough to captivate viewers. Unfortunately, the film only runs for a further 26 minutes and from there it has to desperately cram everything in. The action climax of the film does not last long enough and it doesn't have Dwayne Johnson kicking enough ass whatsoever. Everything gets way too rushed from there, not to mention the fact that by that point the theme of fighting with a 2x4 has become nothing but an overused novelty. The climax of Walking Tall does not live up to its build up or the expectation that fans will have since the film is a Dwayne Johnson vehicle. If the film had been stretched on for longer, then perhaps it could have packed more of a punch than it did. But unfortunately, director Kevin Bray failed to create a climax which actually lay down a sufficient climax for the film. The fact that he cannot wrap the story up shows how inexperienced he is, and it is a shame because he had serious potential. Also, the action scenes become rather repetitive as instead of branching out into any versatile areas it simply repeats the theme of bashing people with a 2x4 too much. There is only so many fights you can put up with a 2x4 as a weapon, and Walking Tall manages to reveal just how much that is by pushing the limits a bit without actually succeeding in transcending them, despite its attempts.But Kevin Bray does at least manage to make Walking Tall a decent film from a visual perspective. It captures a lot of nice rural scenery in Kitsap which makes it a very convincing film that feels genuine, and it almost has a western feel to it. There is certainly a touch of westernism in Walking Tall, regardless of whether or not that was intentional. The cinematography was also very good and rather atmospheric, as well as the fact that Walking Tall was edited well against the backdrop of a good musical score.And lastly, the cast in Walking Tall manage to do their jobs well enough.Dwayne Johnson's lead performance is once again a good one since it has all the natural grit and charisma that he tends to supply to his usual lead role in films. And his line delivery is intense as usual. He has plenty of strength in him which he brings to Walking Tall without a problem and makes a compelling lead who dominates the screen through all kinds of drama he works with just finely. He engages with the other characters very well, and he creates a lot of firm emotional drama during the more intense sequences of the movie which you can see in the aggressive glare from his eyes. Dwayne Johnson is a badass lead in Walking Tall and packs a good punch both physically and in the ferocity of his line delivery, so as an action-drama themed vehicle for him, Walking Tall manages to do the job well enough. It is certainly one of his much better performances even though it doesn't demand all that much from him.Johnny Knoxville is really an underrated actor in my opinion. While he's not the best, he has a lot of energy in him which is at his actor's best in the 2013 action western The Last Stand. But in Walking Tall, it's still good. He combines his natural comedic charisma with a touch of genuine acting, and he shares a great chemistry with Dwayne Johnson. You can tell that he is having a lot of fun in the role, and so his presence is genial. Johnny Knoxville is a great addition to the cast in Walking Tall, and any fans of his role in the Jackass TV series and movies should admire him for his role in Walking Tall.Neal McDonough also makes a fine villain in the role of Jay Hamilton and puts up a fairly good fight against Dwayne Johnson, refusing to be intimidated by his muscular physique.So Walking Tall is a basic Dwayne Johnson vehicle. It has good drama in it, but not enough action to give it a good climax which may leave viewers unsatisfied. But the acting is fine and its premise is interesting, so it comes off being half decent and should hopefully please fans of Dwayne Johnson which is clearly its intended audience.

Asa B (ca) wrote: It tried way too hard for laughs and it took a long, long time before I cared about any of the couples.