Sixteen plane crash survivors stranded in the Andes turn to cannibalism to stay alive. Based on a true story.

Sixteen plane crash survivors stranded in the Andes turn to cannibalism to stay alive. Based on a true story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shiela E (br) wrote: The best part of this film for me is that they used the psycho house for the exteriors of the obligatory creepy house, it was pretty convoluted; the big plot twist didn't make much sense; and the stated explanation on how all these events began was offensive. a couple of creepy moments, but mediocre at best.

Dave R (mx) wrote: Well it was alrigtht werewolf movie not the best I seen but they tired to make this one good still a B movie all the way though

Adam R (us) wrote: Sneaky, subtle, surprising ...

Justina N (es) wrote: Spectacular acting.. scenes, lights, music, story. You can find there a lot and this is not an easy movie.

Jamie F (ru) wrote: Interesting look at the indy wrestling scene.

Jason M (ca) wrote: This is just a series of stock psychedelic sequences strung together plus ample nudity. Titillating? Sort of, but so boring.

Josiah M (us) wrote: The perfect mixture of rock n' roll and passionate storytelling; you can't help but want to hug the movie.

annabelle p (ag) wrote: Funny~ but it's like one of those animes where if you're not paying attention, you may or may not end up on the path. Toshiko's character ends up being stronger than she puts off in the first minutes. Sometimes characters are not clearly defined. It's more comedy than violent thriller, but the violence is there if that's the meat of what you like in movies.

Dominick F (gb) wrote: Breathtaking! You Cant look away. Feel good comedy of the summer that makes life worth living

Mr Movie R (it) wrote: It's got your overused comedy clichs and normal movie clichs, but that doesn't distract the acting and comedy in the film from being bad.

Jesse F (ag) wrote: A great 80's B-Movie. It's dumb, fun and ridiculous and also manages to pull off some intense jolts.

James D (fr) wrote: Great lighthearted movie. Has some very funny scenes and Muerta is priceless in his scenes. Don't miss an opportunity for some great fun.