Rick is a 17 year old golden boy whose father wants him to became a doctor like himself. Lonnie is a problematic 16 year old girl, who has just come out from a sanatorium after an attempted suicide. The families of both teens are very close friends. Right away, Lonnie and Rick fall strongly in love for each other. Meanwhile Rick becomes aware that his father betrays his mother, so he begins to show his uneasiness at home and do odd things. Thinking Lonnie's the reason of his son's behaviour, Rick's father forbids him to see her anymore. After an unsuccessful getaway the two adolescents realize their love is impossible, therefore they decide to commit suicide. From then onwards both o their families are destroyed, and their friendship as well. It'll be hard to reconstruct the family and retrieve the friendship.

Rick is a 17 year old golden boy whose father wants him to became a doctor like himself. Lonnie is a problematic 16 year old girl, who has just come out from a sanatorium after an attempted... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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matheus c (ca) wrote: Good movie. I think the director managed to make this movie better than it was supposed to be. The script isn't very good, but everything else is... The art direction, the costume designs, cinematography, photography, the acting. I like that urban/underground/trashy kinda vibe, so it convinced me.

Gareth M (br) wrote: Feels like a precuser for something more, an introduction, or a extended advert for the cd album.The film introduces you to a homeless collective, who with the star kid with the tin can and a string, taking the band into super stardom before embarking on there european tour. Its follows on there album recording that is set to change there life, and thats more or less it. For me it lacked a bit of depth.

Rikki L (ru) wrote: This is, no joke, probably the worst movie I've ever watched.

Hidai C (br) wrote: A film that could ONLY Come out of France: A Sentimental Story of a Loving Family, the Cherished Home they Grew Up in, its Belongings, & the Emotional Ties bonded with it as they must relinquish the place they all grew up in. Its a Subtle Warming feeling we get seeing the family say goodbye As The Film Brilliantly explores the ties Human Beings have with Material things & its effect it on us. It Must Be Stressed that No American Would Ever Make a film like this, this is Sentimental Cinema as Only the French can make it, And Boy Can They!

Peter H (jp) wrote: Different, but dull.

Millo T (nl) wrote: Great Omar Shariff, and tender story about a surprising friendship.

Dela Rosa M (au) wrote: I saw the movie and it was the most hilarious movie ever. I love it. Jim carry is my favorite actor.~

Plain C (nl) wrote: amazing stuff ballz deep in sci fi pie fi

Lakecia H (kr) wrote: I liked this movie because I am a huge fan of Wendy O. Williams. She a shock princess and I just love her.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Who would you prefer: Dustin, Robin, or Julie? with the best supporting cast and a magic script.

Brian V (it) wrote: The last time I was in a town in the Bavarian Alps, they spoke German and I imagine they would have certainly spoke German predominantly during the Third Reich. Unfortunately, MGM sold out here and dumbed down the film. Nevertheless, if you mix a great screenplay from Alistair MacLean la Guns of Navarone, two iconic actors and a big budget, it's hard to make a bad film.

Scott S (kr) wrote: I wasn't a big fan of fellini's Amarcord, so i though this film was going to be bad. However, I was surprised by masina's performance as a prostitute who is looking for companionship. It breaks you heart knowing that Cabiria just wants to have a normal loving relationship like normal people, but is destine to be alone.