Surviving Desire

Surviving Desire

Jude, a college literature professor, falls for one of his students. She is more interested in the empirical experience of a relationship with a man whose life is ruled by the themes of the...

Jude, a college literature professor, falls for one of his students. She is more interested in the empirical experience of a relationship with a man whose life is ruled by the themes of the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Holly R (gb) wrote: Reading the reviews, I have to conclude that people are simply impossible to please these days. I just watched it, thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was very well done. A lot of critics said it was slow pacing. Seriously? Have we become so ADD we can't handle any conversation longer than a tweet? And the CGI. Again, overall very well done and really unfair to say "well I can tell it's CGI so its bad?" It's a TARZAN movie. Lighten up and enjoy a little bit people.

Casey T (fr) wrote: "Vexille" is a very solid sci-fi anime that utilizes the CGI-2D hybrid that has become popular thanks other anime like the "Appleseed" series. The direction is top notch as well as the action and soundtrack. The story follows Vexille as she and the counter-terrorist origination S.W.O.R.D try to uncover a mystery surrounding humanoid cyborgs and its maker Daiwa. What they discover is much more serious and disheartening. Without having to spoil too much of the movie, what the movie's story shows is what length we as humans will go to ensure our immortality by simply playing God on others like us as subjects. What originally starts as bring the next evolution in Man by creating cyborgs that look and move like us is now taken to the most drastic of levels. But on the other side of the spectrum the story show's what lengths we as humans will go to maintain our sense of humanity in the face of all this utter chaos. What all this leads to, in terms of the movie, is a look into the humanity, the human condition and wether or not we are ready for a drastic change just so we can make life easier on ourselves.For a while I have been looking to get back into anime and "Vexille" is one of those anime's that is pointing me in the right direction.

Benjamin W (es) wrote: Trite and done before in countless other films.

Amanda H (au) wrote: I was always annoyed by Tom Green at the height of his popularity, but something about watching this today was really fun and nostalgic. It's a pretty typical comedy full of fart jokes and people getting kicked in the crotch, but if you're in the mood for stupid comedy, this is a pretty good bet.

Jason M (br) wrote: When I first saw this at the theatre when it was released, I thought this would be a reworked Robinson Crusoe, standard Hollywood fare with a typical star to headline. I couldn't be more wrong. This film cements Tom Hanks as one of the all-time great actors of Hollywood.The film is a brilliant study of how a single human being copes with the desolation and loneliness of being stranded on a deserted island. His attachment to an inanimate object, "Wilson", as well as the hope of seeing his fiance again, and purpose of delivering a package, are probable coping mechanisms of the the human psyche. Plot elements such as suicide and survival are analyzed as well. The film is essentially structured in 3 parts: life before, during and after the island. The package with its angel wings represents his guardian angel with him throughout his journey. The final scene is one of my favourite of all time. He stands at a crossroads, with the entire world finally open to him, and his reaction is to break the fourth wall and stare back at the viewer.This is a great film and I'm sure will be regarded far in the future as a classic.

Millo T (ca) wrote: Although too much political and sometimes a little extreme or stereotyped (or maybe the characters were so), some interesting characters and amusing crossed stories. Good show.

M M B (it) wrote: People, this is truly no good. Laughable FX, bad acting, cliche characters. But I love it. Why? Brad Dourif swoops in and steals the movie away, even whilst wearing a bad wig. He's too much fun for me to dump this into the nearest bin.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Deeply touching film about the rites of passage and family, with all it's ups and downs, strife and love, conflict and acceptance. Richard Dreyfuss. Holly Hunter, Danny Aiello, and Gena Rowlands are brilliant, and the rest of the cast is excellent.

Zach M (ca) wrote: This was a very enjoyable drama comedy that benefited from an excellent cast and interesting story.

Logan M (mx) wrote: While it's highly immature and I wasn't always proud when it successfully made me laugh, "Waiting" is one of the few "day in the life of" comedies since "Clerks" that's actually worth watching.

AlSameer C (ca) wrote: The Best X-Men Movie to date, Days Of Future Past is how you beat a gem from the past(X2). The 7th Installment of the franchise is the mastery of a return for Bryan Singer. The action is splendid, I do enjoy the dark tone, Hugh Jackman is perfect and I wanted a movie to focus on him, and this event with Time Travel is interesting. The movie can sometimes focus on Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, but its just a regular nitpick I have on the enjoyment thrill of this journey. Fun and enjoyment can be had and its super re-watchable( I bought it on DVD, so that's probably why).

Eren H (ru) wrote: I have to disagree with the critics consensus on this steaming pile of dung. Poorly acted. Poorly written. No talent. Not scary or funny. Just a really lame waste of time. Who is paying these "critics" to give this dumpster fire a good review? I would not recommend this movie to an enemy. I have a great appreciation for "B" movies and this one simply does not live up to the 7.2 rating that led me to check it out. Nothing in this movie was clever, original, scary or funny. Please spare yourselves and do not waste your time.