Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

A TV documentary crew arrive on a remote island in the Philippines to film a survival special. Their back-to-the-wild adventure proves to be more terrifying than they ever could have imagined

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:chase,   native,   jungle,  

A TV documentary crew arrive on a remote island in the Philippines to film a survival special. Their back-to-the-wild adventure proves to be more terrifying than they ever could have imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BRUNO V (ru) wrote: The last 30 minutes this one get's better !

nina h (au) wrote: the trailer is awesome....I will be getting the DVD

Reece L (gb) wrote: The Deep Blue Sea is yet another emotionally devastating exercise in restraint and subtlety from Terence Davies, who takes a classic story (wealthy woman leaves husband she's indifferent towards in favor of a more passionate mate) and makes it exemplary. It boasts points of craft that Davies has excelled at rendering in the past (the specificity of the dialogue, the deliberate pace, and the precise emotional connection communicated through the incredibly meticulous performances) and exists both as a testament to his unmatched directorial prowess and a powerful portrayal of the consequences love can bring upon those who get caught up in it.

Marc L (au) wrote: Intentions sur le papier : dnoncer toutes les violences faites aux femmes. Noble cause : on n'en fera jamais assez ce niveau et mme quand le rsultat est minable, on prouve au moins un minimum de sympathie pour la dmarche. Sauf que "The bunny game" possde les atours d'un truc indpendant poseur, tourn en noir et blanc dans une conomie de dialogue presque totale, par un jeune ralisateur qui avait sans doute envie de se faire remarquer pour son premier Long. Et a, a rend la dmarche tout de suite moins sympathique. Mais n'ergotons pas: aprs tout, "The bunny game" a t conu et scnaris par une femme, qui peut donc se permettre de taper plus fort que sa contrepartie masculine sans qu'on la souponne de calculs opportunistes. Et pour taper fort, "The bunny game" tape fort, c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire. Et il drange...pas par ce qu'il montre (on peut trouver une justification la violence des images, une fois connue leur raison d'tre) mais par son jusqu'au-boutisme insens qui ruine compltement son propos de dpart : on ne dcouvrira ni explication, ni justification, ni mme rebondissement digne de ce nom cette heure quart de barbarie l'tat brut. Je ne vois pour autant aucune raison valable hurler la censure (le film a t banni en Angleterre)...mais tourner un snuff-movie, fut-il de luxe, pour dnoncer la violence me rend perplexe quant l'impact et la pertinence du propos, voire mme quant aux intentions des auteurs.

Janessa Joy C (fr) wrote: Eye-opener. Phenomenal. Inspiring.

F B (gb) wrote: Very good but the plot was a bit complex for me to follow in my condition.

Veengadesan S (us) wrote: Kamal Hassan's Masterpiece Really Kamal is the Universal Hero. Top Class Movie equally to the Hollywood Style.

Paul S (ru) wrote: cliched, overly sappy, and for a film that's supposed to be based on a true story, it's so inaccurate to a level were it's actually kind of offensive.

Jason D (es) wrote: Out of the very few movies spawned from Saturday Night Live skits, Stuart Smalley's (Al Franken) Daily Affirmation was one of the more bizarre choices to have brought to the big screen. Be that as it may, Stuart Smalley's self-help addicted persona was fleshed out on the bigger screen as his Daily Affirmation show comes to an end thanks in part to his insults towards the new TV programming boss. Through this experience, we learn of how Stuart grew up in an abusive family led by alcoholic father Harris Yulin (whose always fun to watch) and the family that enables him, including unaware mother Shirley Knight, drug/alcohol addicted brother Vincent D'Onofrio (putting in a surprisingly great performance), and crisis-addicted overeating sister Lesley Boone. In between trying to help himself cope with his own problems, Stuart makes several attempts to try and save his own family, but to no avail, pushing him to distance himself further and further from his family each time his attempts fail. If you go in expected a Superstar or Night at the Roxbury, or even a Chris Farley film, you will find yourself very disappointed as this SNL film tries to do things differently. In a very ballsy move, director Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters, Vacation, Caddyshack, I could go on and on) and Al Franken (starring and writing this film) deliver a movie that is NOT joke after joke after joke. Instead, this film seems to be an early attempt at a Dramedy, infusing many dramatic moments along with comedic ones. The film tries to tackle some interesting issues surrounding dysfunctions within families and friends. Stuart Saves His Family was a movie that threw caution to the wind and attempted to brave it by delivering a different style of comedy amidst a wave of 90's slapstick and fart comedies and, naturally, failed miserably in terms of capturing an audience. I, however, manage to enjoy this very small-scale and lighthearted comedy/drama. It manages to invoke some laughs, many of which could still be pulled off today as not much of it seems to be outdated. The performances are pretty good, particularly standout D'Onofrio. Overall, this is probably the best SNL skit inspired film that has ever (or will ever) come out.

Patrice Y (de) wrote: I love this flick. Watch it over and over and over - each time trying to count the number of baddies Seagal put down. Busey and Jones are wonderful as the nasty leaders of the baddies. This is my ind of chick flick - and no one needs to take it so seriously.