Surviving the Drought

Surviving the Drought

The Ruaha National Park in the south of Tanzania used to be a true paradise for wildlife gathered around the rich Ruaha river. Today however, its sparkling waters are nothing more than a ...

The Ruaha National Park in the south of Tanzania used to be a true paradise for wildlife gathered around the rich Ruaha river. Today however, its sparkling waters are nothing more than a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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adam b (mx) wrote: Completely unoriginal and it's funny how her parents seem ok with their daughter being a psychotic lunatic. My praise for this film is that it's easy to watch and perfect if you don't feel like concentrating on a new story or using any brain cells.

Johnny B (br) wrote: Sorry, but I really like this movie. Lol

Caitlin L (de) wrote: Love this movie. Such a nice Christmas movie with a great message.

Jake B (ca) wrote: Very good movie, not what I was expecting. Excellent acting from everyone, but the overall plot was a little confusing

Ocacia A (de) wrote: THIS IS THE BEST INTRODUCTION TO THE PLIGHT OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA ON FILM. Cosign everyone who believes it should be mandatory for all Afrikans to view. As an US born Afrikan, the scope and richness of this documentary really opened my eyes to what is achievable just on a cinematic level. It is saddening to see what has been kept hidden from me in terms of history, culture, and self worth but empowering to know that I do have one and that it can be present in dignity affirming terms.

Edward S (it) wrote: Why.. Tarantino .. why.. Only your name kept me watching this movie til the end.

Nandi C (it) wrote: From the first time I saw this movie, it became a personal favorite. when hip hop fell in love and the two people who were friends and fell in love makes for a great film.

David T (es) wrote: Well now, this was a strange viewing experience. Overall, it was surprisingly not bad. However, the pacing was all over the place, and the character development was insane (for lack of a better word), with characters as wishy-washy as the suds cycle of a Speed Queen, and a constant up and down roller coaster ride of caring deeply and not giving a flying fudge about the lead character. Its quite tedious, but at the same time entertaining, and also sports some decent acting, a great co-starring role for Linnea Quigley, and the "Swamp Lady" is a character to remember for years. A fun time waster, but nothing to take seriously. And expect to be enthralled...then bored... then enthralled...then bored.

Jason D (jp) wrote: Mosquito is the hilariously campy send up of old 50's killer bug flicks, now given a modern 90's twist as an alien spaceship crash lands on Earth in the swamps of a National Park, where mosquitos suck the blood from the alien and grow into large killing machines that go on a rampage in the park, killing just about everyone there (best death: a symbolically sexual death involving a mosquito penetrating a very naked woman's ass with its stinger of death), save for a band of survivors who fight the killer skeeters off in an RV, in a sewer system, and finally in a house sitting over the main nest. Mosquito serves as the directorial debut of Special Effects guy Gary Jones, whose gone on to do plenty of campy horror flicks, both good (Spiders, Crocodile 2: Death Swamp) and VERY bad (Jolly Roger, Planet Raptor). Highlighting the film is none other than the original Leatherface himself, Gunnar Hansen, as one of the survivors, who sports a killer mullet and pays homage to his cult classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a very fun tongue in cheek reference! The rest of the cast is notably fun in their roles, taking in all of the campy, yet surprisingly entertaining special effects, which range from mechanical to claymation! Overall, Mosquito isn't going to win any awards. It's a silly, low-budget nature run amok film with all of the components that would make this film more enjoyable with friends and booze rather than deep critical observation. If you don't take it too seriously, you'll probably enjoy the hell out of it like I did. Fun film!

Adam R (kr) wrote: A stimulating drama that features a lot of star acting talent. (First viewing - 12/11/2008)

Jonathan G (nl) wrote: Epic guns and surf, bro. This original Point Break has more enough adventure to fill up two movies. Swayze has a great sophisticated charm in this that juxtaposes well with Keanu Reeve's Bill & Ted leftovers. Too long, but a good ride none-the-less. Rating: 7 / 10

Hobie P (au) wrote: Bad sequel. Terry O'Quinn returns for his role but that wasn't enough. Just watch the original.

Eve C (jp) wrote: Suppos (C)ment LE meilleur film am (C)ricain de tout les temps ...PUTAIN QUE C'EST LONG & NUL !!!!

Abdul Rufai A (de) wrote: A Hard look at Black America! ....that god damn solo jazz sax!!!!

Charles P (br) wrote: Love Streams is a fine film about kooky characters that mostly convey a natural wisdom when they aren't just punch-drunk mad.

Tobias M (jp) wrote: Dull. II found the fake CGI blood and over the top sound design to be very off putting. This could have been grittier as a result but instead felt like the Aftereffects/5D generation of cheap gimmicks, I included the high contrast grade and terrible day for night work. The story is minimal deliberately pointless

Nasu N (gb) wrote: A film about a retired man who goes back into working to escape the boring environment he was in. Robert De Niro plays the intern or what I like to call, The Superman of a clothes company. He connects with the young CEO played by Anne Hathaway who is stressed out trying to tackle on the job while being with her family. This film is not going to be a masterpiece, but I see it as an entertaining film that you are inevitably going to have a good time in, even with a simple story, it offers heart and the connection between this CEO and the much older intern is what really makes this film amazing and important.

Kumar Harsh S (gb) wrote: Better than expected, and the movie is not bland as many would have you believe. The performances, especially from Michael Nyqvist are really good. Daniel Bruhl and Emma Watson also play their part well, and the suspense of whether they'll make it is good.