Bollywood 2004

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Surya torrent reviews

Gabriel Arthur P (br) wrote: It's got jumps! You either like this sort of thing and want to watch it, or you don't and don't ... or you don't and do ... or you do, but ... don't? Considering the director's reputation with most of the population of the developed world, I dunno who would actually be reading this. A film geek? Somebody who figures these reviews will reveal some particular insight, or, somebody who can't afford to get their hands on the movie? Well, at least I can say it's typical George A. Romero. It's Romero on a nice fat budget. From the "Uncut" DVD commentary: there are cameos from Shaun of the Dead, a lead by the daughter of Dario Argento, a bit part by Romero's daughter, the second unit director and stunt coordinator (same person) appearing "in every reel" (Romero's words) and other cheaply attained campy bits. 3/5.

Kevin S (de) wrote: This ia about a hustler named Franklin who gets jailed and while being transported from prison to prison a bunch of real criminals have the bus wrecked and now cops and even other prisoners are dead. Being accused of murder Frankilin ask the help of a t.v. reporter to clear his name. As always Chris Tucker is loud and very funny. For some it doesn't work but for Chris Tucker he is at his best like that. Charlie Sheen is good here but you don't get much laughs from him. It kept me laughing and entertained so can't really complain. It was worth watching with being as funny as it is.

Jackson S (it) wrote: Despite Tim Curry kicking ass at being a villain, It has the watch ability equivalent to a 50 year old white guy trying to rap.

Asheron F (gb) wrote: Still one of the best "horror" movies ever.

Jens T (br) wrote: John Huston's screen adaption of the famous James Joyce novel The Dead was the master director's last film. The story is set in the first week of January 1904 in Dublin where a bunch rich friends is having dinner, all of different shapes and thoughts, we get to know what they are doing and what kind of awkward moments that might arrive, and political view. It isn't much, and it isn't my kind of movie to say it straight, but I really felt for some of the characters and could set me into their mind, so I give it a thumbs up.

David B (nl) wrote: Cheesy and lacking some production value (moon buggy wheels rolling into shot!) but enjoyable nonetheless. Actually the first half is really good but once things go to vegas, the film loses its way. Not Sean's best, the toupe doesn't fit!lExcellent Soundtrack, Shirley Bassey's title track is the best of all Bond songs.The film had some of the best one liners in the entire series too.

Jimmy F (ag) wrote: great movie one of the best

Kandis A (ag) wrote: A pretty good story.....

Phillip D (gb) wrote: It isn't really original and it's more of a walk through rather than an action packed spy thriller but Spy Game still offers two fine thespians in a fairly engaging and well constructed spy movie good for a watch or two.