Election Night 1979: Margaret Thatcher is about to come into power. A young black man is held on suspicion of murdering his pregnant wife. Officers Karn and Wilby, racist to the core and high on the prospect of a Conservative Party victory, try to lure the suspect into a quick confession. But the night has just begun...Callous humiliation gives way to a barrage of sinister violence, leading to a devastating conclusion.Written by Barrie Keefe, who was behind the British classic The Long Good Friday, SUS is an emotionally charged and incredibly tense crime drama that serves as a powerful outcry against past institutional racism. But in the age of counter-terrorism SUS also begs the question: has history caught up with us?

1979: Election Night - A police interview room. Delroy's pregnant wife has been found dead in a pool of blood and he is brought in as the chief suspect. He is interrogated by D.S. Karn, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken E (au) wrote: Entertaining to see how they'd tell the story. I was impressed how they did it.

BRUNO V (it) wrote: Not a famous dutch cast , but the movie was worth to watch

Ronnie A (de) wrote: My biggest problem with this movie is that I was feeling too lazy to turn it off. Really boring, ham fisted, overdone crap. Avoid.

Claire T (ag) wrote: this film was crap, I expected better, I didn't like this movie I thought it was crap and I will not watch it again, I thought this movie would be better than this, it starred Kevin Zeggers and Judge Reinhold

Scott C (au) wrote: I can't help getting a kick out of Owen Wilson. It fell short of being great, but it definitely had its moments. And Kate Hudson is so gorgeous!

Amy S (kr) wrote: What a fun musical! I found it incredibly enjoyable. I love my Zooey Deschanel and her beautiful voice. Carol Burnett always rocks, and it was so nice to hear Matthew Morrison singing broadway style instead of pop style.

Deb S (jp) wrote: Grace of my Heart is loosely based on the life of real life singer/songwriter Carol King who yearns to break free of her privileged suburban upbringing to become a pop music singer but instead defers her dreams of pop stardom settling for a career as a songwriter. Moving to New York she meets famous song manager Joel Millner (John Tuturro) who helps her on the road to stardom and becomes her lifelong friend and confidant. Changing her name to Denise Waverley she writes a number of hits and becomes a famous and much sought after name in the music industry. She faces a lot of tragedies including the suicide of her husband Brian Wilson (played by Matt Dillon) but she overcomes all the hardship and gets her life back on track and produces and brings out her own new album which sells over a million copies. Illeana Douglas does a credible turn in the title role, Patsy Kensit plays Denise's longtime songwriting partner and loyal gal pal Cheryl Steed and a very young Bridget Fonda portrays the teenage closeted lesbian and pop singer Kelly Porter.

Private U (gb) wrote: equal parts brilliant and batshit-- a sweet, bizarre movie about a group of patients at a mental institution trying to put together a production of the opera cosi fan tutte despite their collective inability to, um, sing or learn their parts or really function together. i'll admit it, i'm a sucker for this weird slash heartwarming stuff...many of you probably are not, but you should give this one a try anyway.

Nancy S (kr) wrote: cool love story. awesome trip to greece.

Malachy S (br) wrote: brilliant film classic Stallone film