When a Supreme Court judge commits suicide and his secretary is found murdered, all fingers point to Carl Anderson (Liam Neeson), a homeless veteran who's deaf and mute. But when public defender Kathleen Riley (Cher) is assigned to his case, she begins to believe that Anderson may actually be innocent. Juror Eddie Sanger (Dennis Quaid), a Washington lobbyist, agrees, and together the pair begins their own investigation of events.

A judge commits suicide, and his secretary is found murdered. A homeless deaf-mute man, Carl Anderson is arrested for her murder. Public defender Kathleen is assigned by the court as his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Suspect torrent reviews

Karen K (es) wrote: i already seen it like 15 times but i still luv it

Joseph H (kr) wrote: Saw 6 is one of the best films in the series and has an interesting twist. A step up from the previous film.

Oda N (es) wrote: OK NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! by far one of the best doggy films ever made.........not some pseudo-intellectual bull crap. The other reviews dont know jack this is 10+

Lisa W (it) wrote: This movie was fantastic. I don't want to compare it to Lost in Translation, but if you liked that, you will like this.

Brenna C (nl) wrote: its different and almost a must watch

Jack B (jp) wrote: fun with thermals, well made interpretation of Strieber's book.

Orlok W (us) wrote: What a subtle and yet outrageous movie, great plot and direction and acting--Fascinating Noir With A Disturbing, Alluring Simmons And A Laconic Mitchum!!

Philip V (de) wrote: Once again a very minor role for van damme but the movie itself wasn't bad.

Laura M (ca) wrote: Based around the cliche's of two high school jocks fantasies about women this movie is far from original, but there are parts that will have you in stitches. Not the best plotline but if your looking for a corny feel-good movie on a rainy day this would be perfect.

Jon T (it) wrote: The most compelling scene in KRULL is one where an old man visits an old widow in an enlarged spider's web. The ideas behind that scene bring a lot of potential for a story that would have been far more intriguing than everything else about this movie, which is not something that I, as a fantasy fan, would ever dare to say. Released during the same year as RETURN OF THE JEDI, KRULL is a hodgepodge of sci-fi/fantasy concepts, few of which interest (a fortress that teleports at daylight as well as the aforementioned spider scene) and many others of which pull every cliche from the book. It tries to be so many things (but mostly it's a "hero must rescue his bride from a monster" plot) that it ultimately backfires. Director Peter Yates obviously bit off more than he could chew with the material, and was obviously the wrong person for the job. His picture unfolds at a torturously SLOW pace, and even the action sequences are detaching and depressingly unexciting... mainly because its characters are all basic cardboard cutouts with zero personality. I did like Freddie Jones' performance and James Horner's bombastic if derivative score, but these two elements cannot save this picture. The dialogue is both cheesy and laughable and the acting is depressingly terrible, including a then unknown Liam Neeson, who has done far better elsewhere. Ken Marshall is boring (and I mean BORING with a capital B) as the hero and Lysette Anthony (whose voice was dubbed for bizarre reasons) is even worse as the damsel in distress. I really hate to come down on a movie that has a cult following, but I just couldn't get engaged with KRULL. Despite the occasional moment, this film is both boring and an ambitious failure in every regard, mainly because it was made by all the wrong people. Get a better cast and crew and this would have been something unique. Instead it's just a waste of time and talent. Too bad, too bad.

Martin S (ca) wrote: Always enjoy these over-the-top professionals with remarkable skills. Horrible world he gets into, made me really sad.

Dragonfly W (fr) wrote: Good story from the book of Esther who with bravery stands up for the Jewish people as Queen of Persia.

dri s (us) wrote: Oh boy, this man is incredible.