Suspect X

Suspect X

A male corpse is discovered with a smashed face and burned hands. Strangely, the cause of death is determined to be strangulation. When Detective Kaoru Utsumi attempts to corroborate the victim’s ex-wife’s alibi she discovers the mysterious neighbor and only a few small clues to help her disprove a seemingly "airtight" alibi...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

It's another battle of the wits for the brilliant but eccentric physicist, Yukawa, and detective, Kaoru. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nolan S (ca) wrote: My male instincts told me not to start this movie tonight. After I started it, my male instincts told me that I should turn this movie off. After I finished it my male instincts told me that I should hate it... However, despite all that, I actually kind of liked Magic Mike. Now I know how that sounds but hear me out; first of all this is a gorgeous looking movie, with really great performances. All the actors had really great chemistry and I enjoyed seeing them play off of each other; and I'm not talking about during the dance scenes. The dialogue between these actors was great. It felt so real, and it really made me feel bad for some of the characters. Yes it has guys "dancing" in it, but at its core Magic Mike is a film that takes a dark look at the striper lifestyle, and examines how that lifestyle can affect someone in a negative way. I never thought that I would say this but I enjoyed Magic Mike.

Brandon W (es) wrote: When I first watched Catfish, it was because I saw Paranormal Activity 3, which I wanted to see the directors's previous film, and it was the best documentary film that I've seen. I watched the tv show for a long time, and I feel like I'll leave the show at rest, and decide to end it with a bang by watching the documentary again, where it all started. Catfish may be one of the best documentaries that I've seen, and it's definitely one of the most interesting ones. The movie gets you settled on who the main character is, and his backstory which make you understand of why he's doing this, and you want him to succeed on it. The whole mystery plot of it is really investing to watch, and when it keeps going and going, I was starting to feel unsettled. There were some funny moments in it, and you learn a bit about Megan that you understand why Nev likes her and wants to visit her. Since I watched this before and the show, I knew what the big reveal was, but I forgot there were other twists in it that got me surprised again. The one thing that I think dos better here than the show, is the emotional parts. It's not the show's fault for it, it does everything it can for an one hour show, it's just the documentary movie spends more time on it, and you understand why that person did it. You just sorry for that person, and it makes you happy when it comes to a bittersweet ending. Catfish is a terrific documentary that makes you glad that Nev Schulman got his own show, and Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost are directing movies like Paranormal Activity 3 and other stuff.

Augustin C (fr) wrote: It might seems as a Bronx-story movie set up in Jaffa. But it's not. The best war-movie is the one you don't even hear the word war in it. And this movie is one of these.

Brandon M (ca) wrote: This movie doesn't mention that words Iraq or Afghanistan once, but it doesn't have to. Its relevance is obvious, and it has important bearing on how we can end this current war.

Wanda T (mx) wrote: This film needed more Kristen Bell, but was a very cute "Rom-Com".

harul n (us) wrote: Great documentary on the real hiphop, how and where it started. Fresh as always.

Olivier B (br) wrote: Suspense adorable, arty et scnario intrigant. Je le recommande beaucoup! J'ai aim les relations entre les personnages et les dialogues. Film profond, tout comme l'est une piscine creuse.

Carolina V (fr) wrote: Diez aos despus es que la vengo a ver completa, excelente el mensaje... un tanto vigente, quitando lo obvio.

Andy P (br) wrote: Jackie Chan's hugely entertaining screen presence and awe inspiring stunts are more than enough to carry this movie, and make it a decent martial arts romp.

Grant H (us) wrote: Very good movie. Dramatic, suspenseful, well made and well acted.

Edith N (ag) wrote: The thing is, wanting to end a war and supporting an enemy are not reliably the same thing. It's also not the same thing as not supporting our soldiers. There may well be overlap, but there isn't always. There are some people you can't convince of that--but there are always people who make it harder to try. This is, of course, true of both sides. On the one hand, you got the people who called Vietnam veterans baby-killers. The people who openly consorted with the North Vietnamese government and claimed that all stories of atrocities committed by the Viet Cong were exaggerations at best and probably flat-out lies. Those people polarized the debate. However, so did the people on the other side, the ones who declared that anyone opposed to the war was a traitor, the ones who claimed that all stories of atrocities committed by US soldiers were exaggerations and best and probably flat-out lies. There were, of course, nice, sane people on both sides of the debate, but, as in any contentious situation, it's the lunatic fringe that gets noticed. [i]Hearts and Minds[/i] seems sane and rational, though I'm told the filmmaker, Peter Davis, read a message from the North Vietnamese government as part of his acceptance speech. So there's that. And it's certainly a biased film--the contrast of General Westmoreland explaining that "Orientals" don't place the same value on human life as Americans being intercut with a Vietnamese funeral and the grief connected to it kind of shows that, I think. Most of the film is intended to show the problems of our occupation of Vietnam. Many of those interviewed are veterans, but mostly the kind of veterans who were protesting the war. The few others are primarily used as contrast. Now, Westmoreland claimed to have been quoted out of context, and there are those who say that Davis trapped him into making the statement. However, I have to say that I can't think of any context that would have made that statement less reprehensible. I also can't see how anything Davis said would have forced Westmoreland to make that kind of statement. Likewise George Coker, a former American POW, declares that Vietnam would be a very pretty country were it not for the people. Now, I can understand Coker's not being the most happy with the Vietnamese people, especially of course the North Vietnamese. On the other hand, he is committing the falacy of tarring the entire population of the country with the same brush. It is also true, of course, that the film shows only the American atrocities. We see Phan Th Kim Phc, the famous girl photographed running naked down the street, horribly burned by napalm. (Richard Nixon, apparently, believed the photo, and presumably the film of the same event, to be faked.) We see that funeral. We hear veterans talk about the horrible things they saw. But we never actually hear Coker talk about what happened to him. We don't get told how either side treated their prisoners, really. We hear a lot about napalm, but nothing about the Hanoi Hilton. It is a biased film, though I'm kind of curious as to how much of popular culture at the time was biased the other way. I will admit that I do not much approve of the Vietnam War in retrospect. To be fair, I wasn't there for it. The war is considered to have ended in 1975, more than a year before I was born. I'm not best thrilled with the current war, either, though I'm sure none of you are surprised by that. I like to think that we've gotten better at presenting an unbiased view of things, but I know that we haven't. Then again, hardly anyone in history ever has. We consider our current reporting of World War II to be unbiased, but how often do we consider the perspective of anyone but ourselves and Hitler?

April V (au) wrote: Awesome! I love that the chick has such an active role in the plot, while her husband is kind of useless.

Spencer H (us) wrote: RED is a stupid movie, but it's stupid in a good way which is very rare, the comedy is what keeps this one afloat and the great cast.

Mike W (ca) wrote: Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Tucker are brilliant!

James H (mx) wrote: Snatch is a funny quotable movie with interesting characters and a great intertwining plot. At times it seems crowded with too many characters on show but it is still an entertaining and clever movie with performances with Brad Pitt standing out.

Don S (jp) wrote: A movie about a tough subject - the racial discrimination which ran rampant in the south in the1960s. Amazingly powerful performances by Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer plus an endearing performance by Jessica Chastain make this a movie not to miss. These characters come to life on the screen and the story doesn't bash you over the head with the topic but neither does it shy away from the cruelty of the era. Aside from being overlong, there really isn't much to gripe about.