Daniel loses his wife and son in a car accident. While slowly recovering from his injuries, he rebuilds his son's video camera that was destroyed in the crash. Infused with power from the moment of the crash, the camera develops the ability to stop time when Daniel presses the pause button.

Daniel loses his wife and son in a car accident. While slowly recovering from his injuries, he rebuilds his son's video camera that was destroyed in the crash. Infused with power from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kal X A (mx) wrote: It's only fitting that Roger Ebert - a man who did so much to pioneer the belief that cinema has more meaning that goes beyond a film's mere runtime - should receive an outstanding documentary about his own life.

Tracy H (de) wrote: Sensory overload is a good thing

Declan D (es) wrote: might be worth a watch....while drinking

Heather M (ru) wrote: I am going to skip this one.

Jenna A (ru) wrote: I love this movie it should not be rated a 70% will smith is a great actor it is a disgrace to put one of his greatest movies a "70%"

bill s (jp) wrote: Fluffy fun good time story.

Vonnesty W (au) wrote: I love this movie :)

Celesta D (us) wrote: i love this movie. it is one of the best one i have ever watched.

Ryan G (mx) wrote: I did not even realize what was going on until about 15 minutes in, it takes forever to get going and it really isn't that interesting and comes across as desperate. While it offers a couple of laughs it really just tries its best and fails to inspire us. Lets take a guy who thinks he cant be a teacher and then have him realize that he can teach, wow ...... how creative.

Joe H (de) wrote: A film of ravishing emotional beauty, Queen Margot (based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas) centers on the aftermath of Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre, and one woman caught between her power-hungry Catholic family and her goodhearted Protestant husband. Sweeping in scope and visual splendor, the film presents a nation in moral decay, swept by corruption and hatred so extreme that it hits a ceiling, and in so doing, paves the way for Protestantism in France under the virtuous Henry IV. So often it is the worst in some that brings out the best in others, and while Queen Margot is a painful portrait of human weakness, it is also and more importantly a celebration of human kindness and forgiveness. Easily one of the best movies of 1994, this film is a model of epic historical film-making at its greatest, and it is a masterpiece.

Richard P (gb) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable Christmas tale that doesn't get bogged down in cloying sentimentality.Packed with naturalistic performances, and a knock-out turn from Sam Elliot as a grieving widower struggling to bring up his kids alone, the film benefits from being set firmly in the real world.It reminded me of Bryan Forbes' "Whistle Down The Wind", particularly in the first two acts, with its take on childhood innocence and faith set against adult pragmatism. Only in the final moments does director Hancock succumb to fantasy. You could argue that scene takes place firmly in Jessica's imagination, but as we've so far only experienced it as outside observers, to take us directly into her mind seems something of a cheat.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Alien lifeform crashes on Earth while dumbfounded military and scientists invoke a clumsy coverup. Charles Napier is solid again amidst suspect material, with help from Turkel. Could be the ceiling achievable by Fred Olen Ray.

Kimberly O (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies EVER!

Oscar P (au) wrote: Funny entertaining comedy.

Scott C (br) wrote: Ridiculous WWII Espionage Epic. George Peppard acts in German.

Patrick O (mx) wrote: One of the best movies out there!

Zoi K (mx) wrote: A social convention - inviting a friend over for dinner - stimulates a conversation on social conventions, the meaning of life, reality and dreams. It opens your appetite to reflect more on our everyday (human) condition. Engaging whether you agree with either of the table companions or not.