Susuk is a 2008 Malaysian horror film which was released on August 7, 2008 in Malaysia. The film is directed by Amir Muhammad and Naeim Ghalili. The story concerns about Soraya, who uses the forbidden practice of susuk in order to be famous.

A young trainee nurse turns to the forbidden practice of "Susuk" to improve her chances in life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Susuk torrent reviews

Tony F (it) wrote: Better than the first. Great sequel! Loved the subtle humor and the special effects. Looking forward to the next one.

Courtney K (gb) wrote: i'm torn. part of me wants to say this was bad and part of me wants to say it's good. the story and the concept was really good -- i really loved the ending. but it could've been executed much better... i was never scared or creeped out or anything when watching it, just the ending concept is interesting & sort of creepy i guess -- as it should be.

Daniel V (fr) wrote: "Mirrors 2" fails in almost every way. The story is a cliche in its entirety, the script is completely implausible and flawed, the acting is atrocious, and there was not a single likable or believable character in the entire film. With that said, the movie does have a few tense moments and a cringeworthy amount of gore. The score was also very solid, especially for a movie so poor.

Joey M (ca) wrote: Labeouf's hair is ridiculous.

Ganesh S (de) wrote: A stylish action movie with a towering performance by Shahrukh Khan!

Indu R (au) wrote: Another Funny and entertaining movie. The cast was great and the only downside with this movie is that there was not much of a plot.

Trina O (ca) wrote: I give it one star because I liked Val in it and Marg Helgenberger and the little boy who played Antoine, but that was all.

Lorna B (mx) wrote: It was watchable, but it wasn't great and I don't think I could sit through it again.

Tina P (es) wrote: going to Chateau Montelena on Sunday

Stacy W (us) wrote: Dietrich of my heroes of all times...willing to risk his life for truth..and for Christ...when both were taboos in Nazi Germany..He taught so many of us..The truth meaning behind The Cost of Jesus Christ...

William C R (jp) wrote: Thunderously plausible, acted and directed/ produced with mastery.

scott g (ru) wrote: get into this and you will get something out of it, set in austria we follow various people from bored suburbuns to salesmen going asbout there day, dealing with the life problems they are dealt with, not everyone is sucessful in the stories, but some hit the mark, austria looking sunny and inviting especially its suburbun settings, and film at times does have a leisurly feel, along with some hard hitting scenes towards end and the last 30 minutes or so staying like this, not for everyone but theres ceretainly a lot there for me

Carroll H (mx) wrote: Brilliant movie, from acting to directing ... very hard to do, but done here. Right up there with zero dark 30 and American Sniper.

Ulises E (us) wrote: Nice movie, in the group with ocean's eleven

ted n (br) wrote: that horse chick is fuggin hot

David S (it) wrote: Both too blunt and at times too pandering, this is an unsuccessful adaptation of Orwell's novel.

joao b (ca) wrote: The Road Warrior traz melhorias das cenas de ao,alm de um perfeito roteiro e acompanhado de uma direo excelente de George Miller alm da atuao que fez a fama de Mel Gibson.

Erik J (es) wrote: Bogart and Bacall's chemistry liven up what is essentially Casablanca-lite.

John M (nl) wrote: Probably the worst of the Universal Sherlock Holmes movies, (up against stiff competition though) sees Holmes and his heterosexual life partner Watson travel to America in this thinly veiled piece of WWII propaganda, by this time Universal had given up any pretence of making canonical Holmes pictures and this is the zenith of their lazy Holmes-lite series. The only thing in its favor is that it stars the man who was made for the role, but even that is offset by the bizarre hairstyle Rathbone sports.

Ondrej (kr) wrote: I can't think of any reasons to not give 5.