Girish Karnad-Smita Patil movie

Prerna is the only daughter of the local school's headmaster. She gets to meet her childhood friend, Kumar, who is now one of the teachers at the same school. Prerna is attracted to Kumar, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sutradhar torrent reviews

Mukesh V (us) wrote: Breezy storyline intervowen with great characters and good humour and emotions. Catching the spirits of punjab and some chiken along the way. A great treat. Must watch.

Michelle S (ag) wrote: This was a very informative and eye opening documentary. I think everyone should take the time to see it.

Steven M (ru) wrote: We watched this based on the stellar reviews by 7 pro-reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently the filmmakers think everyone older man is this French town is bi-sexual tending toward homosexual. The film follows a forlorn and somewhat confused older gay guy as he gets infatuated with a teenaged girl and has various drug and sexual experiences. Slow and doesn't really go anywhere or say anything. Kept giving it another ten minutes and finished it but it was ultimately unsatisfying and kind of lame. A bit of a waste of time.

Ross H (jp) wrote: It's New York post 911. Andrew (Aaron Stanford) and Jake (Jacob Fishel) are two best friends who are trying to figure out their lives. It didn't quite go as planned. What are they doing here? The timeline is 2001 to August 03 when New York had the massive blackout. This is a little film that trys to show when we all questions after the horrible tragedy of September 11. Strong performances from Stanford and Fishel (who I've not seen before). Also a strong turn for Rosemarie DeWitt (who played Rachel in Rachel Getting Married). One could see this movie going by the way of two whiny twenty somethings who bitch and moan about their lives but it doesn't go their in my opinion. We see these two men go through definitive changes in those two years. Check it out.

Ben H (fr) wrote: Americans must-see wake-up call

Matt H (mx) wrote: it was a very impressive film very thrilling and it proved to the world that not all muslim are bloodthirsty

Cavale F (us) wrote: This is only my favorite movie of all time.

Michael O (us) wrote: forgotten but fun and funny dark comedy.

Steve S (br) wrote: *** (out of four) Unconventional and entertaining indie about a woman who breaks up with her girlfriend. She then hires a hansome, smooth guy to woo her and then break her heart.

Matt A (de) wrote: Classic Michael Caine.. this black comedy involved a terrible writer of sleazy novels who is hired to be the ghostwriter of a dying actor(Mickey Rooney). This film was somewhat enjoyable though it was very British.. meaning the humor was at time dry or very culture specific. If you don't like subtle British humor you might not enjoy this as much. It could have used some more lively plot hooks but it wasn't overall an un-enjoyable film.

Gerard M (jp) wrote: Seemingly inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, Cammel + Roeg's Performance and the inspiration for Lynch's dreamy/hazy Eraserhead this movie has a pure cinematic voice that takes the breath away (and at a time when UK filmmaking was on its knees). Standout. :-)

Brian B (ag) wrote: I was creeped out by the makeup the first time I saw this. His face is half missing, ew. What a great, campy sci-fi classic.

Jose M (ag) wrote: Son of Dracula comes next as Dracula had a son, but has hidden his identity as Alucard or Dracula backwards. Lon Chaney Jr. plays the count this time and the film manages to bring a few thrills, but everything felt very limited as in horror wise. Performances are good, but I have to argue that this film could have been suspenseful. I will blame the moral production code that became a noose sense. I enjoyed certain scenes about this film, but things got spoiled and become utterly predictable that any chance of mystery or horror quickly died. I will recommend this still. It is on the Dracula Legacy Collection with the following The House of Dracula.

Joshua L (us) wrote: I thought it was suppose to be funny but it's a straight up drama bout Alcoholism. Strong acting is what held my attention to it but overall it was kinda blah.

Dj G (es) wrote: One of my top 3 movies of all time.

Arfur F (ca) wrote: A hard-hitting fact based drama that really doesn't hold back on the horror and cruelty of this conflict. It really shows th impotency of the UN at the time. As in any conflict it is the children that suffer the most and the part where the children are just snatched from the bus taking them to Italy is really distressing to watch. A truly moving movie n all aspects of it's subject with excellent performances all across the cast.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Right up there with 'Troll 2' and 'The Room' as one of the best bad movies of all time.