The story of a destiny. Suzanne's and her family's. The ties that bind them, keep them together, and the love she pursues... to the point of leaving everything behind.

The story of a family and a love affair told through the journey of a young woman called Suzanne. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (ru) wrote: There is so much that I like about this film, it ends up being a shame that I don't ultimately like the movie itself very much at all. The plot is fairly simple. Two guys rob a mob run poker game and a hit man is brought in by the higher ups to fix the situation. The film doesn't care a whole lot about this plot. It unfolds gradually, and it's handled well, but most of the screen time is taken up by conversations between characters that don't have a lot to do with this plot. A lot of actors do superb work here. Ben Mendelsohn and Scoot McNairy play the two guys who rob the game, and they each turn in very different, wonderfully eccentric performances. Each is a joy to watch. Brad Pitt plays the hit man. Pitt is rarely this good. He's at his least mannered best hear. Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta also have key roles and are superb. This should be a wonderful film, but it somehow seems to be a lot of guys doing great work for no real reason. The film tries to tie it's themes to the recent financial crises ... boy does it try hard. Almost every scene has a new report in the background going on and on about bankers and crises and bailouts ... and none of it really means anything in the context of this story. I enjoyed watching it, but it also felt like a waste of my time.

Eric B (ru) wrote: Very enjoyable...sucker for a snowboard or ski movies!

Private U (es) wrote: what a great movie, A True Rhode Islander would appreciate this movie...Alec Baldwin was awesome in this

Robbie N (ru) wrote: Funny, hearty and real Disney genius. This movie had a great story line, and despite being a little slow at times, it makes it up with great voice acting, animation, characters and both touching and hilarious moments.

Ralph R (au) wrote: This movie is guaranteed to be horrible so here is some Billy Squire for your amusement: "Now everybody, have you heard If you're in the game, then the stroke's the word Don't take no rhythm, don't take no style Got a thirst for killin' - grab your vial... " First person to name that song will get an invisible bowl of rice. Nothing will stifle hunger like Uncle Ben's invisible rice, homestyle.

Zach M (br) wrote: This is an entertaining Pauly Shore movie that is actually funny at times.Tia Carrere is beautiful and always entertaining.Good supporting cast with Stanley Tucci, Abe Vigoda, Brian Doyle Murray, Charles Napier and Richard Riehle.

Lynn N (fr) wrote: Lady for a Day was a much better film.

Cory L (au) wrote: Old movies are so funny.

Jonathan C (kr) wrote: A confusing and boring sequel that adds more questions than scares to this franchise. Donald Pleasance's final performance is the only thing that makes this worth one's attention.