Suzy Q

Suzy Q

A weekend in the life of a bizarre family in the sixties. Their lives will never be the same after it.

A weekend in the life of a bizarre family in the sixties. Their lives will never be the same after it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan S (au) wrote: not a bad sequel i really love it

David D (au) wrote: There's a coming of age movie that's smart and funny but that would never see release in North America. To frank and not enough bullshit about romantic ideals to cover up the truth. Gotta keep those illusions... truth icky.

Katie F (de) wrote: By far one of the most terrible movies I have ever seen in my life but there were some hilarious parts

Gordo d (fr) wrote: Lame sequel to a movie that didn't need one. Just another attempt by studios to cash in.

Scott B (kr) wrote: Alright, I'll give the first movie a free pass. It was dumb and stupid alright but kids loved it and that's what matters. I remember seeing this in a cinema and the whole crowd BOOED. Even kids. This isn't even a Gadget film, it's essentially Agent Cody Banks in disguise. Avoid.

Private U (us) wrote: En av mine absolutte favoritter. Ikke bare fordi den handler om en bibliotekar som finner seg en bonde... Sjarmerende!!

Tim B (gb) wrote: Not really into Troma movies. But this one was pretty good. It was funny, gory and sick. I am going to lok up some more from them

Rangan R (de) wrote: The final day of the school, but it's just the beginning!I won't lie that I watched it after I saw 'Everybody Wants Some!!' from the same director. Because I liked that film and I heard that was a spiritual sequel to this one. So there goes my reason. I usually love the 80s and 90s teen films, you can't compare them to what they make now. The film was from the edge of before my generation began, but I'm very related that time than the other end. So I felt very familiar and enjoyed it thoroughly.The film focused on the final day of the high school. It opened in the afternoon during the final class and followed by night where a party was arranged by the seniors that does not take off after their parents suspected it. Between the freshmen and the seniors, a tradition follows. Some of them escape, but those who got caught, struggles to way out. Not everyone, some make it their best time in high school. So who gets what and how everyone's night turns out revealed in the remaining.We can see some of the big names of the today's cinema in this 23 year old film. Matthew McCanaughey, Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck and many more. Though the film never focused one particular character, it was neutral and stayed that way till the end. But it told the story of the final day of the high school about the individuals and their intentions. You do not have to be a youngster to enjoy it, it will work for everybody. So I hope you watch it, especially before to try 'Everybody Wants Some'.7/10

Gergely K (br) wrote: Fraszt Troma mozi amiben az er'szak helyett, a Godzilla szer katasztrfafilmek parodizlsra trekedtek tbb-kevesebb sikerrel. Inkbb kevesebb. :)

Ian C (fr) wrote: The big suit is classic.

Cameron P (es) wrote: Assuming you rate all movies on a scale that starts in the middle, then move them up or down depending on how well they stand up to some standard (your enjoyment, artistic merit, your ideal film, whatever) then Hercules in new York starts a1 5/10 then quickly plunges so far down that it sorta comes back around and ends up near 10.Somehow this movie is; a quotable as Pulp Fiction "I am Hercules, I do not have any money",as funny as Airplane, see the bear fight for more details.all while maintaining a consistent and unique it a good film? not be any sense of the phrase.should you gather everyone you know to watch it? Yes dear god yes. seriously, just do it.