Svalan, katten, rosen, döden

Svalan, katten, rosen, döden


What's in a name but murder? Münster comes across the strangled body of a young woman in her home and surprises the murderer who is still on the premises. Though the murderer escapes, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Svalan, katten, rosen, döden torrent reviews

scott j (ca) wrote: Not a bad film the kids make the film really cheesy and in parts a bit cringeworthy to watch but triple h plays his part very well as a ex con turned doting father..not a bad family film

Nikolas G (ag) wrote: A road trip of a next navy man asking for forgiveness , about the mistakes of his youth

Zachary B (ru) wrote: It was okay....Toby McGuire's are better

Laura H (mx) wrote: Just couldn't get into it :( and I was so hoping it would be SO much more!

David G (es) wrote: Uno dei film italiani visivamente pi belli degli ultimi anni anche uno dei film pi pallosi degli ultimi anni. Non succede UN CAZZO. Platinette che recita l'unico momento di interesse.

Borden D (es) wrote: Funniest movies of all time!!!!

Chelsea C (it) wrote: Really enjoyed. The main character is relatable and the movie stays humorous about subjects that can be very touchy. Thumbs up.

vivi o (kr) wrote: funny..but touching story...

Private U (de) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen. My gut hurt after seeing it from laughing so hard.

Jay M (es) wrote: I've always have had a soft spot for navy and naval movies and this is one of them!. . . It's a nice telling of how the British Royal Naval tracked down and hunted the German pocket battleship in the Atlantic Ocean!. . .

(mx) wrote: Average Adam Sandler movie - guy with blue collar job makes it big in the end - but made for kids. It's good but far from great.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Now that's more like it. Still doesn't make much sense, but it looks great. Creepy, atmospheric and a great score.

Jennie H (au) wrote: I'm a sucker for sports movies, even for sports I don't really like. This was a little boring at times...but still interesting.

Jeff P (fr) wrote: Though it was selected for the US Dramatic Competition in the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, and has been acclaimed at festivals around the country, I simply was not feeling this one at all. It was the first film this year I walked out of. Why, you might ask ? Granted it was dark and crass, but that wasnt what bothered me. It was the fact that it was narcissistic, insensitve, and boring. Most of the men are just plain creeps, not at all funny.