Svea hund på Göta Lejon

Svea hund på Göta Lejon


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Stephen B (au) wrote: Probably the worst film I've ever seen. Coppola seems to have lost all his talent in this 'concept' movie. He should leave this kind of thing to David Lynch and return to the masterful film making he should be known for. Avoid at all costs (cost me three quid in Asda and that was too much). Oh, and it is not at all scary.

John B (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this one and some of the real life stories that it brought to the table along with Michael Moore humour as he looked at Capitalism and how it's destroying the citizens of North America while the corporations get rich. I wonder if he will do a follow-up to see what is being done to fix it or what can be done

Elgan D (it) wrote: James Gandolfini was always a powerful presence and here opposite an intricate performance from Kirsten Stewart the picture begins with great promise but the story falters long before a limp ending.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: A really good cast here can't save the fact that the plot execution is bad and the story isn't that strong. The movie often feels forced and it is extremely predictable. The heist in this movie is to rob the money from an armored truck. Right there you should know the plan will go wrong as that is pretty much impossible to do.

Lakeshia Z (au) wrote: This movie is out there. People, watch out.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: After watching Memento you'll want Nolan to go back to lower budget films. It's exciting, thought-provoking, full of twists and Nolan's most solid script

Eden L (ca) wrote: One of Tsui's best, juggling several characters and subplots, layered with comedy and action.

Daniel C (es) wrote: It's German, so it must be depressing!

Daniel H (au) wrote: This is probably my favorite in the series so far.

Carmela (au) wrote: I just love wartime movies, and this romance is no exception. Remade from its 1931 version of the same name, it opens in pre-WWII London and flashbacks to WWI where Captain Ray Cronin (Robert Taylor) remembers the love he met on Waterloo Bridge. Vivien Leigh as Myra is beautiful and Taylor as Captain Cronin is the sweetest, most caring man. The story goes quite deep and sad, and the moral of selflessness and guilt is heart-rendering to see. A beautiful movie of beautiful people, inside and out. I enjoyed it so much.

Dan P (jp) wrote: The preview for "Armored" looked good at the theater and I finally got to watch it today. Well worth the watch.

James K (ca) wrote: I saw it and thought it was great

Dan M (ca) wrote: This was a good film with beautiful imagery and a beautiful soundtrack. It had a deep and sad message and it was confusing, but even with the questions it left you with, you got the gist of it and it was more the feeling that you were left with that mattered more than answers.