Svein and the Rat

Svein and the Rat

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Svein and the Rat torrent reviews

Justin B (de) wrote: It's not a movie about male stripping; it's a movie about people. It's far smarter and richer than many give it credit for.

Dot L (ru) wrote: It's good and good and long!

TTT C (ag) wrote: (****): Thumbs Up A beautiful and almost hypnotic minimalist film. This would make a great half of a double feature with the film Tulpan (2009).

Kalli S (it) wrote: Couldn't watch it. I loved the first one too much to see it torn apart by this sorry excuse of a sequel

Wes S (br) wrote: Very bland, with uninteresting characters and un-fun songs. The animation feels different and the story isn't so great. One of the worst sequels in my opinion.

Jim S (gb) wrote: A great cast and some impressive production values can't help this horrible remake of a classic horror film that just didn't need to be remade. Check out the original, it's much better. Although Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, the kid who plays Damien, is quite creepy as are the various dogs.

Kurt M (es) wrote: There should have been only one!

Stephanie F (gb) wrote: Sure, it's a flawed movie, and really quite fictional. But it's true, in the ways it claims, so what more can a person want?

Michael W (nl) wrote: super fucking pointless movie. Only point was to try and go big for an Oscar. Sad depressed emo movie with no direction or point in the end

Phillip C (nl) wrote: Someone put this movie in the British Museum. It is undoubtedly one of the Greatest Ealing Comedies.

Daniel M (br) wrote: another damn good movie. good job duke.

Justin S (it) wrote: Boring as hell, effects good, ending good with aliens, they just ride off his him, wtf

Adrian Z (mx) wrote: Firestarter, based on a novel by Stephen King, is more comic book than horror, bringing to mind a good many superhero / supervillain origin stories. Father and child (David Keith and Drew Barrymore) are on the run from a shady government agency (led by George C. Scott and Martin Sheen) because they posses powers: he can manipulate people's minds, she has pyrokinetic abilities. Corny stuff, benefits from little Barrymore's endearing qualities and George C. Scott's villainous turn, but is otherwise poorly directed by Mark Lester, who often leaves capable actors delivering their lines in a hammy manner, not helped by an irritatingly inappropriate score by Tangerine Dream that virtually ruins several scenes.