Svenska Ord i bild och tal

Svenska Ord i bild och tal

Ronny Svensson and Markus Strömqvist have produced a documentary "Svenska Ord i bild och tal", which gives us background stories and facts about the movies included in the box set "Svenska Ord".

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Svenska Ord i bild och tal torrent reviews

Christopher M (kr) wrote: Worth a watch if you can find it. This movie has always had a place in my heart. "I WANT TO BE A COWBOY"

Allen G (jp) wrote: Worth watching just for Hoskins alone with Coltrane and Caine heading up a strong supporting cast. Its perfectly 80s (strip club scene soundtracked by Phil Collin's In Too Deep) and perfectly British too. It's beautifully bleak and has cult-classic all over it and there's enough there for it to live up to that image. The plot is strong even if the dialogue isn't always(it certainly is at times though) and there's a nice tone of seediness with some light comedy for relief and some good drama to keep the intensity going. Its a good film noir at times that works as a thriller, romance, drama and comedy- there's something sweet to it despite its setting within the dark underworld of the sex trade. It really does feel like a classic but one that doesn't deserve much recognition for it, its hard to explain but it feels perfectly placed to be underrated and I do believe that it is. Despite Hoskins giving a powerhouse performance at the front there's enough characters to analyse elsewhere. Its subtly impressive and surprisingly versatile and multi-faceted upon inspection, and on top of all this its also entertaining- one could easily only half pay attention to this one and miss all of the finer details but still find it worth watching. Its a bit overly-serious at times in a mechanical way, a strange feeling from movies from the 60s onwards that somehow seemed to disappear in the 90s. Its grimly artistic at times with some well-shot scenes reflecting dark sexual aggression but Hoskin's performance also manages to keep it likeable, there's one scene in particular that was wholly serious but ended up leaving me with a slight smile thanks to Hoskin's character. Its a memorable film because of moments like that- ones that don't seem fully intentional but would require such fine crafting to pull off that they must be. the ending does feel a little rushed but its a real ending even if its not as finely-crafted as other parts of the movie. All in all, a seriously good movie and a prime example of British cinema in its prime. "You like her in that special way, like in the songs."

Carreh R (au) wrote: Having seen what happened at the G8 demonstration in Toronto and how the Occupy movement was treated by the mainstream press, police and those in governance I do not see any difference between what Peter Watkins shows us of police brutality against peaceful demonstrators. Living in Canada which usually is a progressive country and having seen how quickly that changed with our federal Conservative government led by Stephen Harper I understand how quickly a centre left democracy can descend into near fascism. Peter Watkins does a great job in this film of depicting a fictional scenario but that mirrors reality using direct cinema techniques and a realist style including non-actors and actresses. Some people even mistake this film for a documentary. That is the genius of Peter Watkins.

Kathleen M (es) wrote: This is one of those really great bad movies. It's a perfect storm of bad dialogue, worse acting, insane improbable premise and preachy up your ass warnings against the evils of smoking and drug use. It's worth a view if you're in the mood for a good laugh.

Matthew P (ag) wrote: Kiwi western this has the makings of a cult classic. I loved it.

Private U (au) wrote: Non e' possibile giudicare questo film, in quanto, ahime', non si tratta di un film, ma di un restauro tramite sequenze fotografiche di quello che questo film era. La pellicola infatti e' andata distrutta in un incendio. Lo stesso Browning ne fece un remake, dal titolo "I vampiri di Praga".

Eric P (nl) wrote: This film was rather awful.

Jaime L (jp) wrote: Honestly despite the great acting, the attempt the film was making to having some deeper meaning was rather annoying. Art reflecting reality or reality reflecting art! Who knows?! I can understand why some would praise Clouds of Sils Maria but for me it was a pretentious bore. I also don't see what the praise for Kirsten Stewart is all about. She wasn't bad or anything, was quite solid but French Academy Award good? Don't see it.