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Swamy torrent reviews

Christine D (us) wrote: Kind of a corny adaptation of the Scrooge with a love story. Not very good at all.

Rob P (us) wrote: Decent but nothing amazing.

Edward B (es) wrote: A bit lame. Should have been much better considering who was in it.

Darrell P (fr) wrote: Mc dundee G'Day mate

Michael S (jp) wrote: The critics hated it but I beg to differ and a great soundtrack, particularly "Hurricane Country"

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: "Sometimes, horrible things happen quite naturally"-Dolphin Blue (Lindsay Duncan)Welcome to the real world Seth Dove! To the literal minded, this film will come off as pointless showcase of weirdos, and that's to bad for them. Becuase under the skin, this film is teeming with symbolism and metaphors about innocents of childhood, adulthood and all its complications, evils of American culture and evils of the real world. It's a very potent film and is one that you can watch several times and pick up something you missed earler.

David H (nl) wrote: loved johnny flodder's leather jacket.

Brandon T (fr) wrote: One of the best slasher movies from the 1980s, terrific stuff!

Greg P (de) wrote: Some people would call Zapped! classic Scott Baio but I prefer to say classic Willie Aames. He steals all of the scenes that he's in and I love how he is laughing to himself when he's telling Jane (the gorgeous Heather Thomas) about his upcoming "salary". The rest of the cast fits together pretty well here in their respective roles and Scott Baio plays a nerd pretty well. The story moves along pretty nicely and is pretty straightforward. I will say that the ending gets a little crazy with the prom and the whole part with Dex's dream when he's high just doesn't really fit well. All things considered, Zapped! is a fun movie.

Dave H (ag) wrote: Elvis was an average actor at best.

Rebecca H (mx) wrote: Some children find a man in their barn and think he is Jesus. One might expect a compelling character piece focusing on the relationship between a child and a criminal of ambiguous origin. One might not expect nothing to happen for an hour and thirty-five minutes. The man doesn't even wake up for an hour. The man is interesting, but he's barely in it and does little else than say 'thanks' and 'oh'. The children's naive and matter of fact beliefs are funny, but only for a little while. The rest of the film is very slow, nothing happens, no character relationships grow and it goes nowhere. It's also not remotely ambiguous, which kills half the story right there, while the rest of the story never bothers showing up. Next time, write some characters.

roger t (fr) wrote: recommended by bort16.

Becca W (ag) wrote: Great comedy! I highly reccomend this movie!

Austin C (fr) wrote: Theres something about this movie that I love yet its the story that I cant stand

Gary S (kr) wrote: One of the better Dirty Harry movies today. The one he made his famous line in. "Go ahead, make my day."