Swan Lake

Swan Lake

The hero, Prince Siegfried, is out riding one day with his friends when he spies amidst swans on a lake a particularly eye-catching one with a crown on its head, the familiar Princess ...

A prince falls in love with a princess cursed to change into a swan by day, but their love is threatened by the sorcerer who keeps her imprisoned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farooq H (mx) wrote: three things i love : 1) cricket 2)stories where the underdog comes through 3)more cricket Iqbal is so good that I have seen it about 30 times and the last scene where he enters the stadium with the national team still brings tears. Awesome is an understatement for this movie.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Yet another incredible film from Korea.

Dan B (br) wrote: Simple and charming mix of folk tale and documentary set in a mostly unseen part of the world. Your enjoyment of this film is probably in direct proportion to how often you read the Guardian or how much organic soy milk you have in your fridge.

Leena L (es) wrote: This is an evergreen classic with julia roberts' never ending legs. Based on true events and real persons. The extra half a star goes for the slutty outfits that she carries so well wit "all out"!

Ian P (fr) wrote: Very dark, but worth seeing.

R D (br) wrote: Underrated and under-exposed. Two versions exist, one with cussing and one without. The latter was briefly available on VHS. Either version (I've seen both) is worth watching for unique visuals, fun characters, and very quotable dialogue.

Reid V (us) wrote: I am not fully on the Herzog train but I certainly admire his drive. And by drive, I mean his lunacy of course. I had always heard that Kinski was crazy, but just listening to Herzog's words and how he pushes on in the face of every momentous setback really showed me that Herzog may be just as mad. This film documents not only the tumultuous production of his most famous film Fitzcarraldo, but also offers a look at how Herzog channels his madness into pursuing his dreams. It drags in some areas, but overall pretty fascinating for anyone interested in the man, the myth, the legend, Werner Herzog.

Sean N (fr) wrote: So everyone kicked up a storm about all the animal killing in Cannibal Holocaust but why not for this movie which features real cockfighting and lots of dead chickens? But more importantly Warren Oates is a great character study.

Mithun G (it) wrote: Looks gorgeous but never convinces as a story.

Willie J (nl) wrote: Irving Berlin's finest number, "White Christmas" is introduced in this holiday classic. Starring two Hollywood giants of its era, Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, this box-office attraction is pure entertainment. Featuring plenty of laughs and more than enough musical numbers to get you going, this family film is one of the finest of it's genre. My only gripe is that the screenplay makes Astaire's character a bit too unlikable, as it trusts that Fred's presence and reputation can move you from noticing his character's blatant unlikable traits. At least, that's what I thought. Nonetheless, this film is a must-watch not only when the season is right, but anytime of any day.

Ulla D (ag) wrote: Would have liked it better had I not tuned in right in the middle of the movie.