Kunjoonju, Deepu and Ashtamurthy are studying hotel management at Pondichery. Kunjoonju is a 'Kanjirappally Achayan' who is always after girls. But his 'thrill' for a girl will end the moment he finds that she is interested in him. Abbas ,the trio's friend, arranges the top floor of a house for them to stay. The house is owned by Sophy and she she stays there with her two daughters Kamala and Padma. All three guys fall for Kamala, but Kunjunju and Deepu joins together and push Ashtamurthy out of the race by making him the 'Rakhi Brother' of Kamala. Kamala knows that Kunjunju is a flirt and so she tries to keep away from him. Deepu never tells about his love to Kamala or to Kunjunju, but Ashtamurthy knows about it. Kunjunju and Deepu falls apart after a fight and Ashtamurthy brings them together. The story takes a turn, when Sophy dies and the sisters are left alone

Three college students staying at a house owned by 2 beautiful young sisters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (de) wrote: this film gives an interesting spin on a difficult issue the Church doesn't dialog about (although they will condemn it).

Stuart B (kr) wrote: Brilliant movie, starts off a bit weird but stick with it, it is well worth it.

Rob (it) wrote: More of the same - but that's not a bad thing. This installment goes international in its documentation of Trek-fans, meeting a variety of geeks who come in peace, including some from war-ravaged countries who genuinely look at Star Trek as a symbol of hope for the future. We also get to check back in with some of our old favourites from the first film - now seven years older and wiser. The film starts off strong, with a serious message about community and acceptance - and trails off after the first half where it feels like they're just listing off fan after fan, collection after collection - there's no soul to it anymore. Nevertheless, if you liked the first film, you'll enjoy this one too.

Shayna P (fr) wrote: I loved it even more as a kid, it's a little childish to me now, but I still enjoy the concept and especially the ending.

Linus M (gb) wrote: Awesome comic book feel and pretty good direction from Sam Mendes. slow burn crime drama.

Sam M (nl) wrote: Will make you read and probably write. Worth finally seeing this.

Maciek b (nl) wrote: Quite amusing farce made in Japan. Sweet and simple, it made me laugh out loud several times.

Timothy S (ag) wrote: Jack Finney's novel "The Body Snatchers" was published in 1955, and since then there have been a lot of filmed adaptations of the tale with varying degrees of success. The latest, simply titled "Body Snatchers", had the potential for greatness but falls short mostly because it fails to spruce up the story or offer anything new. With Stuart Gordon as a co-screenwriter and Abel Ferrara directing, this should have been a much more twisted take on the familiar tale. There are great moments here that showcase the filmmaker's taste for the bizarre, like those nasty tendrils of alien origin that creep into the victim's orifices and the looks at inside the bodies as the transformations take place. That's creepy, unsettling and something we've never seen before. I would have liked a lot more of that.The casting hurts the film, however, with Terry Kinney an especially bland leading man. Gabrielle Anwar is pretty enough, but there's a reason her career never really took off. In fact, surprisingly enough, the best performance here belongs to Meg Tilly, who gives the film the best moment in the scene where she confronts her fleeing husband. Her "where you gonna go" speech is terrific.Setting the film on a military base is a novel idea, but it hurts the film as well because military personnel are already so regimental that it's hard to discern when they become aliens. There's a lot wrong with "Body Snatchers", but there's enough good here that I can recommend it. It's just very familiar.

Steve D (it) wrote: Lots of blood but boring besides the scenes of gore

Giuseppe P (gb) wrote: Un film sul cinema di un uomo del cinema follemente innamorato. Il cinema che rappresenta s stesso, descrivendo gli incroci tra finzione e realt dedita alla finzione. Sincero.

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Timothy J (ru) wrote: I wanted this film to be better, because of the importance of it historically. But the plot plods along like your average British Drama. Well acted. Good subject. But slow and at times dull.

Santiago C (nl) wrote: suspenseful and a great stephen king adaptation but truly aint so interesting and sometime anti-climatic but a true scary movie