Swapner Feriwala

Swapner Feriwala


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:119 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Swapner Feriwala torrent reviews

Faedogg 1 (ca) wrote: Pitt was too big of a name for this crap film. He must have needed some extra cash to build a house or something. So cheesy in parts I wanted to shut it off. Don't waste your time with this one unless you have no other way out. Seriously....Waterworld beats this one out.

Jack W (fr) wrote: Jesse Eisenburg succeeds in his usually awkward role with some averagely funny jokes and some occasionally hilarious situational humor.

Brysen K (fr) wrote: Such a stupid concept that can only leave you pissed off or just simply laughing your ass off throughout the film. I was about to give up watching this about half way but, as the critic I am, I torture myself to give you this review. The characters in this film you just won't even care about, you would probably root for them to die. Now onto the direction, he's on the same level as Uwe Boll, enough said. They try to make the characters "badass" but the only thing that's not badass is the fact that THEIR USING PAINTBALL GUNS AND ACTING LIKE THEIR F*CKING DETA SQUAD. The only good things about this movie is the cinematography shots and the sound (on some scenes). Overall, this is a film to ignore at all cost.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Powerful, depressing, and ultimately hopeful and inspirational, "Trouble the Water" is a look at Hurricane Katrina through the camera lense of Kimberly Roberts, a young married woman in the 9th Ward who begins filming the day before Katrina hits. While some might say that this film is bias, I have to say that, yeah, it is as it does show the utter lack of help and assistance from both the federal and state government. These citizens have every right to be angry at a world that forgot about them, but Kim's attitude never changes; she's disappointed, yes, but she's never without a sense of humor and grace. She's always quick to see the positive side of things, joking about her misforuntes or finding faith in God. I really like how both her and her husband admit they weren't the best before the storm (drug dealers, etc), but after their lives are turned upside down, they begin to see the importance of life and both have turned their lives around. While many found death, destruction, and anger in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they found something else: hope and a new beginning. A remarkable film.

Doctor S (br) wrote: Peculiar time-jumping recount of the Battlestar Pegasus which appeared during the series in the middle of Season 2. This feature-length movie came out after Season 3 was completed, thereby requiring a bit of memory rattling. I would place this above only the episode 'Black Market' in the annals of BSG over the first three seasons, mainly because we spend most of our time with two largely unlikable characters, the crazy Admiral Cain and steely Major Shaw. Also, the guy who plays young Bill Adama is terrible, a shame Olmos' real son already filled the flightsuit of Hot Dog. Otherwise this is a pretty solid drama with lots of action. Cool to see the original Cylon and Raider designs from the 1970's used here during the First Cylon War, and Starbuck gets to flex her acting muscle the most of the BSG cast, with Apollo and Adama Senior ranking #2 & 3. Good but not great BSG.

Robyn M (gb) wrote: This was the last movie in the Anne triology. I'm Glad. Gilbert goes to war. Anne gets Stuck in a sticky situation with her ex-co-worker who ask for his baby to be brought through enemy lines of war and home to Avenloe. This is a sad story. Diane and her Husband constantly Fight. Marilla (real life)has passed on before they began shooting. Rachel is down in the dumps alone. everyone is filled with fear.

Paul C (es) wrote: Surprisingly effective mid-90's horror

Larnel J (mx) wrote: The definition of "exploitation flick". A gruesome rape scene, and a court case that chews so much scenery, Al Pachino had to turn away. The only thing redeeming this garbage was Mariel Hemingway, Chris Sarandon (you made me HATE your character, something that has never happened since Disney films) and the end credits music. Only watch out of curiosity.

(es) wrote: Gotta give it to Sol: they knew how to make a good movie when he was young

Jerry C (ru) wrote: A couple gets lost in a cemetery. They try to find a way out and the woman is bra-less most of the time. And... that's about it. Hey, it's directed by Jean Rollin, so no surprises here, except maybe that there are NO lesbian vampires in this film. No lesbian vampires!

Four Star F (br) wrote: An interesting post-war moral tale from director Fred Zinnemann. It certainly is not his best work but it brings up some interesting questions as Robert Ryan seeks revenge on his former war buddy played by Van Heflin. Ultimately, however justice is achieved in this noir thriller.

Facebook U (fr) wrote: A captivating coming of age drama about growing up, finding yourself, and chasing your dreams. Paints a great picture of the culture and lifestyle of rock and rollers of the late 60s and early 70s.

Constantine S (ag) wrote: ??????? science fiction b-movie ??? ??? ????? ??????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? Alien (1979)!