A pirate and a hot-tempered noblewoman join forces to protect Jamaica from a tyrant.

Greedy, evil Lord Durant has ruthlessly imprisoned his Lord High Justice and mercilessly evicted the judge's wife and daughter. The hot-tempered daughter, Jane Barnet join forces with Lynch to resuce her father and protect Jamaica. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Swashbuckler torrent reviews

Jeremy S (br) wrote: This is an absolutely terrible movie. You would think if a studio is going to make a war movie, tjey would have some sort of military adviser to make sure they use the correct vehicles, weapons, and even rank. It's an embarrassment to the Marine Corps for a movie to represent us so poorly. A corpsman would NEVER just say hes sorry and walk away while a marine is laying on the ground bleeding.

Luca B (br) wrote: Half funny, half scary, half baked attempt at the "Paranormal Activity on a budget" genre. Keep low expectations and you will be satisfied.

RaraRafIqah F (kr) wrote: OMG, love love love this movie. Yonekura Ryoko is stellar as Usagi Reiko and the whole movie was very well executed. Initially, I thought that a movie spin-off from the Koshonin drama series might be too repetitive but this proved me wrong. I was engaged, the concept was similar to its TV drama series counterpart but somehow managed to stand alone as a movie and not as a extension of the drama series. Overall, an excellent movie for those who love the Koshonin series.

Melissa W (fr) wrote: This is such a beautiful and unique story. Poignant and wonderfully written.

delete m (es) wrote: I do believe this is one you either like or you don't, and I do.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Good movie. Will keep most of us entertained.

Randy Y (es) wrote: A decent account or Ali's rise, and the paths/battles he faced en route. Seems like it covered a lot of the history, but feels like it may have missed a lot.

Barbara B (kr) wrote: This is not my kind of film, but hubby likes them.

V (au) wrote: This was a good movie! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT!

Luke A (gb) wrote: Saw the dvd at a thrift shop and bought it immediately, because who could say no to a title like Extreme Justice? It didn't turn out to be as amazingly bad as I had hoped, but if you skip all the way to the end of the movie, I would recommend it for that. The last 2 or 3 minutes are just hilarious.

Simon M (au) wrote: From when I was 9 til I turned 19, my dad took me to lots and lots of movies. He opened me up to all different kinds of films - Seven Samurai, Zulu, Gallipoli. One of the last things we went to together, before I moved out, was a festival of animation which showed this. It's still definitely one of his favourites, but I remember he and I replaying the dialogue together in the car and laughing all the way home. We still do it and when he talks about it he lights up like an excited kid. How can I not give this 5 stars?

David C (ru) wrote: Low budget film noir quickie directed by one eyed Austrian director Andre de Toth (House of Wax). This drips noir , with great shadowy cinematography authentic shot on location Los Angeles, and the amazing Sterling Hayden. The capper is an unbilled performance by the crazed Timothy Carey whose itchy flinching steals every scene he's in.

Raji K (de) wrote: Basic Instinct opens with a grisly murder and the lead detective (Michael Douglas) has no choice but to suspect an author who wrote about the exact murder scenario (Sharon Stone). Sexual tension arises between the two, and the confusing pasts between both of them murky the waters in this erotic suspense film. Sharon Stone was a good lead and shows off her fantastic body, and Michael Douglas plays his typical role. Basic Instinct was not a fantastic movie, but a solid thriller that brings you more in for the sexual components rather then the murder mystery.

Francisco L (nl) wrote: Ricki and The Flash is a cliched, predictable and unoriginal movie, however it counts with fantastic Meryl Streep and her daughter's performances that can make us laugh and that can keep the interest during the entire movie.