Swathi Thirunal

Swathi Thirunal


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Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: No es una excelente pelcula, tampoco tiene grandes actuaciones sin embargo la ideas es buena y logra despertar cierta simpata

Eric H (au) wrote: About a world famous metal band that is forced, by no fault of their own, to grow up.

Steve S (ru) wrote: I lasted about 5 mins witching tis garbage then forwarded it to try and find something of interest... It's CRAP with a capital F for F...KEN CRAP... Everything is annoying about it, crap script & the moron director filmed it in sepia (brown & white) - is that supposed to make it artsy fartsy??? Cause its annoying & CRAP....

Paul F (de) wrote: Flynn was a bit past it by this stage - but the sets and costuming is still magnificent.

luke v (nl) wrote: this is a wonderful film! it makes you feel good inside after its over. the relationship between Miss Daisy and Hoke is great! and the writing is also wonderful! so you should check it out.

Karen S (ag) wrote: Saturday night fun!:)