SWCHWRM is about a boy who wants to be writer and describes his experiences. He uses the pseudonym, V. Swchwrm, because he wants to remain unknown. He describes, among other things, the death of his grandfather and encounters with the queen. SWCHWRM is based on "Mijn avonturen door V. Swchwrm" by Toon Tellegen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Swchwrm torrent reviews

Clyde G (mx) wrote: This is a story told we all need to see and hear. It is a game changer.

Mai A (gb) wrote: I'm in love with this film!

Parker R (ca) wrote: The film raises conspicuous ideas about skepticism in and outside the court in exciting fashion, and results in an enjoyable crime thriller with the right amount of legal pleasure.

Fredrick R (au) wrote: Nice to see a portrayal of young, gay black man on the screen. This film definitely gets an A for effort but some of the characters are underdeveloped, and it has a Made 4 TV sheen to it

ismael r (de) wrote: Its dull, its nothing but a big combination of crappy plot,bad acting,and terrible CGI. The only reason you should watch this film is to get a bunch of unintentional laughs and trust me, its that bad.

HungYa L (es) wrote: Your average commercial blockbuster.

John R (nl) wrote: I didn't know you could breathe in space.

Gordon B (ru) wrote: Hammer Studio's final horror film is a sometimes enjoyable romp that features blood- covered demon babies, murders by hair combs, and a unforgivable shot of Christopher Lee's naked ass.

Vince F (us) wrote: I liked this movie. It took me awhile to see it, but I mainly got it because it was Renny Harlin's first flick in the states, and it got him the directing seat for Nightmare 4. It was neat to see all aesthetics he would later use in 4. A pissed off spirit vows revenge from the grave for being fried in the electrical chair when he was innocent. He is released from his tomb and starts killing those who wronged him (seem familiar?). Killer barb wire, rooms turning into blazing infernos, lot's of action, A pre-fame Viggo Mortenson, all the prison stereotypes, and Renny Harlin over doing it as usual, but that's why I love his directing. It was very fast paced.I liked how the spirit "Charles Forsyth" pops out of the dirt much like Freddy did too the sandcastle, the movie does have some annoying characters and the photography is done in under lit dungeon tones which seems too murky at times, but I think it's a decent horror action low budget dish.

Renee B (kr) wrote: Love it! It will be a Classic

Nathan K (es) wrote: Such a weird quirky movie. The ending was pretty bad, and it was a little boring most of the way through.