Sweaty Beards

Sweaty Beards

A comedy about Swedish Vikings. Osvald is a pleasant but very cowardly viking that falls in love with the beautiful Hildegun. She on the other hand is very impressed by more heroic vikings. In order to gain Hildegun's love Osvald tries to become more heroic.

A comedy about Swedish Vikings. Osvald is a pleasant but very cowardly viking that falls in love with the beautiful Hildegun. She on the other hand is very impressed by more heroic vikings. In order to gain Hildegun's love Osvald tries to become more heroic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard B (ag) wrote: I really like James Franco, so I was interested in this film that he wrote in and has a supporting role; the trailer also looked real good as well. I wasn't a huge fan of this film as I didn't really care for any characters at all as they just seemed like spoiled rich kids acting out and partying. There were some really good scenes and I liked the cinematography quite a bit as well. The highlight of the film for me as the music and the feel of the movie and how these two worked together so well. I also thought the performances were good and the cast was solid, but I just wasn't interested in the characters too much and got a little bored with some of the film.

Lwandile Nicole M (jp) wrote: Lacks something,,, jus not WOW

Patricia O (jp) wrote: Best PG movie in existence.

Nick C (ru) wrote: WOW, this film was awesome - it was written by Geoff Thompson, who is one of my favourite authors - I'm glad they didn't glamourise the violence or make it really schmaltzy in a 'Rise of the footsoldier' type of way - loads of cockneys using cockney rhyming slang while treating women like pieces of meat. There's a point to this film, to me it's abut self development and progression, using past mistakes and pains to motivate and fuel you. I can personally relate to this film in the sense that there were/are times in my Life when people close to me talk about me as if I am some pathetic man, or some piece of Shit that wil never amount to much, I'm totally cool with this now because much like a coupe of the characters in this film - excercise,martial arts and knowledge were my salvations - this film will appeal to a lot of people, because these days a lot of people have issues and crosses to bear - it's cathartic.There's some humour in here and some genuinely nice and humane moments - total light VS dark type of stuff, and shows how people can turn into selfish fucking arseholes when they let Drugs consume their Lives, or when they let Money dictate everyhing they do - the character Sparkey comes to mind, when he's hurling abuse at his pregnant Wife and Neglecting her in her time of need - it's upsetting stuff in a way, but Violence and Drugs etc are upsetting really aren't they, it's a reflection of reality - some people will find it hard to stomach, I loved the message that the film concluded with, but I suppose people will form their own individual interpretations of it.Music is great aswell - the Cast are all great, Colin Salmon especially he's imposing but also has integrity and insight in Immense amounts.Yeah, what a Brilliant film, Inspiring and thought provoking. It's a film with Tough men, but there's more to them than Violence.. there are Morals here- when films have a profound point to them it's a great thing.

Sarah J (gb) wrote: Michael Pitt plays Kurt Cobain well but the film is so mind numbingly boring it is extremely hard to watch.

Aarias D (jp) wrote: Its fun to see the Hulk on the screen but the movie feels so slow and dull.

Brandon v (de) wrote: By far the worst Star Trek movie ever.

Ingrid L (de) wrote: A ridiculous movie that might have been an enjoyable light-hearted affair with equally light-weight cast (Roger) but the themes of elephant slaughter and child murder, along with reminders of European behaviour in Africa make this a sobering, brutal and overly long film.

Ian T (nl) wrote: Wow. Either this was the most laughable pseudo-intellectual bullshit I have ever scene OR I completely missed the point and it was meant to be a comedy.

Peter S (kr) wrote: couldn't get into it; turned it off!

Mr N (es) wrote: Knocked Up is well acted, directed and very funny. It is funny but also filled with heart and it does tackle a pretty touchy subject but it delivers well.

Jacek S (gb) wrote: John Cassavetes' final film, "Love Streams", may not be his best work, it may not even come close to such brilliant pictures like "Faces" or "Woman Under the Influence" that he's made in the past, but the vitality of the vision-- the energy and wit of it, stays the same. What is always great in Cassavetes' cinema, here remains untouched: the truthfulness of the characters, free-floating plot, openness for the moments of honesty, humour turned constantly into tragedy and backwards with the speed of light. "Love Streams" is uncompromising in a way it deals with the form, and it is acted brilliantly throughout. For instance, you won't forget the scene in which Cassavetes, playing a father, drunk and angry, talks to his kid son. It may be the most powerful scene he's ever done as a writer, director and actor. It is indescribable, one just have to see it.An exhausting trip into humanity served by one of the greatest of humanist filmmakers.

Peter M (es) wrote: Though not one of the Studios best, Arrietty is still a joyous beautifully animated family fun

ceceile g (fr) wrote: lovvvvvvveeeeee this movie