Sweet 16

Sweet 16

Teenager Melissa moves into a small town filled with racial prejudice and bullying and each time she meets up with one of the boys in town, they end up murdered - but who is the killer?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   suicide,   beer,  

A beautiful lonely girl named Melissa tries to make new friends from a town she's currently living in. The only problem is, each of the boys that she spends time with end up brutally ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert S (ru) wrote: Had potential to be really good. The basic concept was interesting, but never really fleshed out. The ending was awful.

Sandra K (ru) wrote: am I a stupid blond or what?! acting is bad, story might be interesting, but it's badly (or not at all) developed, and these stars are only for CD - although he deserves more. if you want to save 2hrs of your life, choose another film

Brian B (au) wrote: Franko's film missed the opportunity to delve into the personalities that make SNL great. Without any real character studies, the movie becomes a dry rendition of the mechanics of putting in a live show. SNL is creative, cutting-edge and hysterical; By contrast, Saturday Night, the movie, is dry, conventional and humorless.

Daniel W (it) wrote: A good bit of blood n' guts n' Romans, and Fassbender is always watchable.

Rob S (ca) wrote: What a truly great mystery. Gone Baby Gone has all the elements any good mystery story should have - misdirection, crazy twists and turns, and bloodshed (just to add to the excitement). The all-star cast especially elevates Gone Baby Gone to heights that exceed most mysteries and thrillers produced in this day and age.The person who earned this film an Oscar nomination: Amy Ryan. Rightfully so. Appearing in supporting roles in both The Office and The Wire, Amy Ryan goes well out of her comfort zone to play a druggie coked out of her mind, conflicted emotionally over her missing child (at points she can care less, at others it is heartbreaking how she takes it). It is difficult not to marvel at Ryan's performance; she is completely believable as being psychologically disturbed which is rare from an actress who is sane in her other roles (well, at least in The Wire). It is very difficult to pull off being a convincing drug addict, and Ryan is arguably the best part of this film.The plot is on and off at points; in the first half of the film it is easy to notice that something seems "off," but it is hard to put a finger on it, making the audience question the events as a good mystery should. The outcome of a mystery should be a surprise, but you don't want to keep the audience completely in the dark if you want the outcome to seem plausible. However, the logic of the situations in the first half of Gone Baby Gone does not add up in ways that are too obvious.What makes up for this? Practically everything else about the film. The story eventually gets to a point where the morality of certain situations and choices is questioned by both the characters and the audience, and with good reason too. Movies are meant to be about the human condition, and when you have a film like Gone Baby Gone pose difficult questions of what is ethical, or what the greater good is in certain situations, you have an outstanding movie (and it helps when the twist of any mystery is very unexpected).Gone Baby Gone is an overlooked work by Ben Affleck. It is his best film, but it did not get the recognition it deserved when it was released.4.0/4.0

Matt J (us) wrote: Direct to tv/video/dvd release. A not even mediocre film. About a group of savage boat pirates that don't act the wrote parts in the movi. Starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Coolio. Horrible film.

Raili R (br) wrote: omg I love this movie now! lol

Jason S (es) wrote: This literally rivals the best western's ever made. If you ever get the opportunity to see it, please do. You will not regret it!

Jack O (es) wrote: Three Fugitives is a funny film with funny moments starring Nick Nolte and Martin Short.

Hannah C (fr) wrote: this was good, but not a great movie, however Mr pine was very sexy in it even when he was having his bad luck :P i dont like McFly and still dont so that was crap but other then them was an okay movie, one to watch when your bored i think

Keenan W (ca) wrote: this movie had pontential, but the plot was not clear. I was really disappointed. It just left alot to be desired. There was hardly any action and didn't seem to have clarified direction.

Anthony G (fr) wrote: A pretty fun and funny farce from the mind of the creator of Beavis and Butthead and Office Space. Seems fitting

Damir A (nl) wrote: Taking the train home is dangerous business in the UK.